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Francis/Foster with Litter Box Issues - Adoption?

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I feel like I'm at a constant battle with these two.

So, from Day One Francis has had litterbox issues. Since he spent the first 12 weeks of his life under a house I wasn't too surprised that he and his sister(RB) had some litter box issues. I used the tricks of the trade and his sister started using the box 100% and he started using it 75%.

That wasn't good enough so I switched litters and put litterboxes everywhere, and now he uses it 95% of the time.

So the problem is the other 5% when he pees on my couch or blankets.

Now, I'm not asking for litterbox advice as there are still a few tricks I've yet to try and plan on implamenting ASAP. HOWEVER - As far as adoptions go, I am trying to adopt him and James out together as slightly Special Needs kittens.

I'm thinking I should go ahead and continue to try and adopt him out, but mention that he does have occasional litterbox issues that we are working on. Obviously that is not a highly appealing cat, but it's better than having him returned after a week because he has peed on someones couch. Maybe I could offer a discount on adoptions plus some Cat Attract litter and other stuff like that?

Even if I CAN get him to use the litterbox 100% of the time I feel like I should mention that he once had litterbox issues in case they start up again. That way whoever adopts him will be interested in trying different methods to stop him from doing it again rather than just wanting to give him up immediatly.

One of the ladies from the group I used to foster with says she fostered a kitten that would pee on her bed and her couch - she told the people who adopted about it, they still adopted the kitten. When she saw them later they said there were no problems. So I feel like there is hope.

I am going to talk to the head lady of my group about this in the next few days, but what do you guys think? Does this make sense? Sound ok? Do you think there is anyone out there who would want 2 special needs kittens, one with litterbox issues?
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I really don't think that an occasional pee pee in the wrong place is really an issue. Once a kitty goes in the "wrong place" then she is likely to return there as long as the odor is still there. It sounds like Francis has a pretty good grip on where the litterbox is and how it works, she is still young too! Try not to stress over it ... I don't think I would label her as "special needs" for a few accidents. Maybe there is more though that I haven't read on her previously? Good luck!

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Yeah, Francis and James both appear to have mild nuerological damage that makes them both slightly Special Needs, it's not just the litterbox.

I don't think it's infrequent enough to ignore. For one thing, while it tends to be on blankets/soft things, it's not the same one everytime. So, he keeps going on the couch, but he'll go in different spots/blankets/pillows. Also, it is a weekly/twice-weekly occurance right now, which I don't think can be ignored, although it is certainly far better than daily (which it used to be).
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