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Maybe he'll have more time to spend with his wife now...

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Davis Wins, Condit Out in Calif.
The Associated Press
Mar 6 2002 8:31AM

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Conservative businessman Bill Simon capped a meteoric rise by upsetting the moderate former Los Angeles mayor in the state Republican gubernatorial primary, while Rep. Gary Condit lost a re-election bid dogged by the Chandra Levy scandal.
The surprise outcome in the GOP race sets up a tough battle for state Republicans, who now have a gubernatorial candidate whose views on social issues put him to the right of the majority of Californians.

Many believe Democratic Gov. Gray Davis is getting just the opponent he wanted. Davis poured $10 million into ads attacking Simon's rival, Richard Riordan, who was favored by party leaders because they thought he had a better chance of beating the governor.

Davis, running nearly unopposed, easily won the Democratic nomination and signaled Tuesday the direction he'll take against Simon.

``I respect the sincerity of his beliefs but I believe many of his ideas are out of step and out of touch with most Californians,'' Davis said in a victory speech. ``We need to keep moving California forward, not backward, and certainly not to the right.''

California's primary kicked off the voting in a midterm election year in which the parties will be contesting 36 governorships and fighting for control of the closely divided Senate and House.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Simon had 49 percent, or 1,010,915 votes, and Riordan had 31 percent, or 642,864 votes. Secretary of State Bill Jones had 17 percent, or 347,929 votes. The estimated 36 percent turnout was the second-lowest in state history.

The defeat was a stunning collapse for Riordan, who once led by more than 30 percentage points in polls.

Simon vowed a strong fight against Davis, accusing him of failing to improve public education and bungling the state's power crisis.

``The Democrats have tried to divide us. They say that California is a one-party state,'' Simon said in accepting the nomination. ``But as Mark Twain once said, the rumors of the demise of the California GOP are greatly exaggerated.''

In his concession speech, Riordan urged Republicans to unite behind Simon but repeated his campaign theme that the party must become more inclusive of minorities and women.

``My campaign carried a message worth fighting for,'' he told supporters.

Confident of victory in the campaign's early days, Riordan, 71, largely ignored the conservative voters who make up the Republican Party's base.

That gave an opening to Simon, a 50-year-old investor with conservative views and a GOP pedigree. His father, William E. Simon Sr., was treasury secretary under Presidents Nixon and Ford.

In the Democratic primary, Cardoza led Condit 55 percent to 37 percent.

``Today the people of the Central Valley stood up for their values, the values that are central to our lives,'' Cardoza said at a victory party in Modesto. He will face Republican Dick Monteith in November.

Condit's re-election bid was shadowed by the scandal of the missing Washington, D.C. intern. Condit, 53, admitted he had an affair with 24-year-old Levy, according to Washington police sources. But they have said he is not a suspect in her disappearance.

Condit campaigned in a reconfigured district in which 40 percent of voters had never seen his name on a ballot.

``It's been a great opportunity to be in public service,'' Condit said Tuesday night. ``I'll never forget it.''

Also Tuesday, California voters defeated a measure to soften the state's term-limits law, approved a record parks bond measure and nominated the sister of a sitting congresswoman to run to join her in the House. If Democrat Linda Sanchez, a lawyer and member of the Orange County Labor Council, wins the general election, she would join Rep. Loretta Sanchez in the House, and they would become the first sisters to serve together in Congress.

In Orange County, a Superior Court judge charged with child molestation and possessing child pornography led a field that included 11 write-in candidates. But Judge Ronald Kline appeared headed toward a runoff after failing to pull more than 50 percent of the vote.
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I heard that story on the news this morning that Condit lost his bid for re-election. I cannot say I am surprised. He got an awful lot of bad press before 9/11 and they were saying then that he probably would have a hard time winning an election. He sort of dropped out of the spotlight now, but the voters obviously remembered!!

I'm glad he lost, anyone with low enough morals to cheat on his wife should not be representing people in our government. Congressmen, etc lead by example, and he damn sure did not set a good one!
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I completely agree with Daniella. With Clinton and all his exploits I had really lost faith that anyone in this country still cared about the moral character of the people who lead this country. I always though if he cheats on his wife, why wouldn't he cheat his constituents/his country?

The only thing that I'm surprised about it that it was California, the most liberal/anything goes state that took the stand on it when the whole country wouldn't do anything about Clinton!
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I'm glad it went the way it did as well. He doesn't deserve to hold an elected office and I'm glad the voters agreed.
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While I don't have a stake in American politics, I am glad he didn't win. I have a feeling his wife may divorce him now that the potical issue is out of the way. I know I probably wouldn't want to stay with him.
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I too am glad he lost!!!! People like him should
be able to represent the moral majority which still resides in this country.
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I'm glad that he lost too. I don't want anyone like that representing any part of our country.
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WHEW!!!!! I am glad to see that I am in the majority here. After I posted this morning, I was worried I was opening a can of worms that might just explode! Glad to see for once we are all on the same sheet of music it seems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Men ( or women too ) who committ adultery S*CK!!!
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