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Worried about Lily

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Last night Lily started acting strange. She was wobbling when she walked and almost acting like she was drunk. I watched her for a few mins and when she sat down to lick her paws she fell backwards. I immediatly thought she had gotten into and ate something posionous. I searched the house and didnt find anything, seeing how I keep all my chemicals and cleaners under the sink with a cabinet lock because of my sons. She was wanting to play and run, she just kept falling to the side like she was hurt. She ate and drank fine. I called for my oldest son to come out and asked him if he knew about anything that happened. He said he thinks Deacon (my 4yr old) might have stepped on her by accident. Well Im not sure to believe that or not because the boys blame each other for ANYTHING wether it did or didnt happen. I almost started crying because I didnt know what to do. I took her to bed with me like I usually do to keep an eye on her and it seemed like she was rocking side to side until she fell asleep. This morning she seemed to be doing fine, not wobbling or rocking but Im still worried about her. Has this happened to anyone? Could she have just dazed herself from playing? Maybe she ran into something when she was running into something? Should I go ahead and take her to the vet even though she seems fine????????
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I'm a worry wort when it comes to Rosie and Sophie, but if she seems ok now, maybe just keep an eye on her.
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Personally I would have the Vet give her a once over - better safe than sorry!
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I just talked to her vet, they said to keep and eye on her until monday. and if it's something neurological, there wouldn't be much they could do for her because she is so small. I am wondering if somehow she was hit in the head or if my son DID step on her. She seems alot better since last night. But still a little clumsy.
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I've had a similar experience lately. However her bout only lasted a couple of minutes and turned out ot be a seizure. Feline seizures don't necessarily show up as convulsions. Here is a little video I took of her, it dosen't show it very well but she can't walk well and just sort of falls over. Sorry it does take a while to load. She's breathing heavily too. She had 2 of these bouts in a couple days so we ran a complete blood test because just about anything can cause neurological side effects.

We tested her for FIV, FelV, FIP, Toxoplasmosis, then regular blood counts. Negative on everything. What came back was high muscle trauma and liver function but that would have been the result of the seizure not the cause.

If what you are talking about wasn't very isolated, in that it lasted quite a long time I would suspect an ear infection. This can cause equalibrium problems.

When my girl did this I also thought it was poison but she wouldn't have snapped out of it. If your girl is still groggy it could be that too. Sometimes there are toxic bugs that can get into the house and they eat them.

I hope she gets better .

PS: If it was a seizure sometimes it takes a while to recover. Her first one it took 24 hours where she just seemed out of it. The vet deemed its a neurological problem related to birth trauma/oxygen deprivation. She was born flat-chested so might be related.
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My cat Dexter just had the same symptoms last Sunday, acted "drunk", wobbling when he walked, I was afraid of something neurological going on, no vomiting, no loose stools, and his pupils remained the same size, but I rushed him to the emergency vet anyway, and it turned out that he has a bad case of ear mites, which had caused him a bad ear he never showed any symptoms prior to this, no scratching or he got a shot of antibiotics, and steroids, and ear medicine, and within 2 hours after, he was back to his normal self, giving me a lot more kisses than he ever has, I think it was his way of saying thanks...I just felt bad that I didn't know sooner..
I hope your kitty if feeling better soon...
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I just noticed her eyes are a little goopy not really bad. I called her vet and Im taking her in now. Keep your that its just a cold or ear infection. I will be SO upset if it's something more serious!
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I'm praying for you that it's just an ear infection!!!! Please keep us updated.
I just had a thought, do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your house? I vaguely remember hearing that family pets are often affected first because they are smaller & lower to the ground?
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Keeping fingers crossed..keep us posted..
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I hope Lily will be okay. Keep us posted.
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She has a cold and ear infection!... never thought I would be so happy to have a kitty sick lol... They gave her an antibiotic shot and said to bring her back tuesday for another one then Friday for her last. They dont want to give her meds at home because she is still so tiny she could be overdosed very easily. The vets not charging me for the office visits, only for the shots... ($18 each) which I can handle alot better then $18 PLUS the $38 office visit. They said she probably came down with it because, get this, she's only 4 1/2 weeks old! and I have had her for about a week! I had to also buy her special vitamins for her food because she was WAY too young to be taken away from ger mother.... Some people are so cruel
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Oh yay! Its funny how excited we are when whats wrong is curable. I'm dealing with an ear infection in both of my kittens right now. Actually Hope's we've just finished treatment (your lucky you don't have to do ear drops twice a day for 2 weeks! ugh its awful) and my other girl is scratching so much at her ears because they are so itchy that they are bleeding. Poor girl . I wish Hope's seizures were related but the vet dosen't think so, since she said it would have been more like what you were describing, a constant equilibrium problem. But she's been seizure free since the ear infection went away.
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Good news on the ear infection. Where did your little one come from that she was away from mom so young? Did the vet say anything about Milk Replacement? or do the vitamins take care of that?
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Originally Posted by Rang_27
Did the vet say anything about Milk Replacement? or do the vitamins take care of that?
Formula isn't necessary or even a very good idea for kittens who can eat on their own. High quality kitten food is much better for them as soon as they are able to handle solids. I get my orphans off formula as soon as it is practical and if they are older than 3 weeks when I get them I usually don't do formula at all. They usually take to canned kitten food much more easily than a rubber nipple at that age.
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I am happy to hear that Lily will be ok...give her big hugs from my gang...
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The neighbor kids found her and her littermates outside of some ladys house who said the mother died or was sick and she was going to dump them off in a dumpster to die.

What semiferal said
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