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hello everyone

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Hi all i havent been on for a few weeks,iv been having a bit of trouble with freda,i thought it was nearly her time to go to the rainbow bridge. But it was just a little bug nothing to worry about.She stopped eating for a while but now shes back to her old self again and eating loads lol. Shes such a fighter shes nearly blind but when lily attacks her she attacks back and lily runs for her life its so funny.They still hate eachother but im still working on that and hopefully one day they can become buddies.

I hope you and all your furbabies are doing good
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Hi Janine!

I'm so pleased to hear that Freda is doing okay and is on the mend from her bug! You must have been quite worried there for a while!

She certainly is a fighter and i'm sure part of that is from coming into your loving family!

My cats and me are all good - don't know if you've seen the threads about my new (unexpected addition?!) We're just trying to get everyone settled right now as the introductions have been carried out!

Great to see you!
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Welcome back. GREAT to hear the wonderful news.....wishing you tons of years with all of your fur babies.
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freda and me thankyou for your nice comments and sar i did see the new addition to your family,i bet its hectic for you lol,introductions are difficult but you'll do great:o)
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Thank you, Janine! It is a little crazy at the moment, but now that Willow has been neutered, I'm hoping things will calm down a bit very soon!
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