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Savannah has gooky eyes,Any suggestions?

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We are all a little Worried about Ms Savannah`s Eyes! Since the day we bought her home her she has has a brownish-black gooey dischare comming from her eyes. We gave her KoKo`s left over eye medicine after the vet gave us the ok,It seemed to help.We ran out of that med. & took her back to the pet store that we got her from -"Friends of strays" Bring cats & dogs out to get adopted.thats her we purchesed her from.They gave us new med. it was a eye gel.it seemed to aggrevate her eyes further so we stopped using it. Any suggestions>We`re taking Savannah & KoKO to his vet next Wednesday! Except for the eye discharge Savannah`s doing Great! Her coats sikier & shinnier every day.She eats everything she can get to.Love`s to play,EAT & sleep with us.Has anyone else ever had this problem? Thanks AGAIN! One other question? PLEASE- Do I have to delete everything in my "box" 10 is the limit.Does that count all my posts & replies? im still trying to figure this all out! i hope I don`t sound like to much of a dunce. Everone here is Great! Thanks to one & All. Peace,Love & Happiness to Everyone here & all Our Cats & All Animals everywhere!!! cinnamon (cindi) cindigoesindigo@ netzero.com
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I'm so glad Savannah is doing so well, Cindy! Sure hope her eyes clear up very soon! That's great that she and KoKo have an appt with their Vet on Wed. Please do let us know how it goes!

As for your pm box, your total number of pm's includes both sent and received messages.
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I hope you solve the eye problem soon. I`m glad she is going to the vet...I`m sure he will have the answer.
The "box" is just for PMs that you send to and receive from individuals....it does`nt have anything to do with the posts that you start or reply to....you can do as many of those as you want. They don`t go into the "box" at all....that`s more like a mini email box.
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