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please help, my cat is been acting strange

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I have a problem my cat nick is 5 years old and he is long hair cat and he is a loving and layed back cat and the problem is he is acting very strange and i am so worried about him. he is a orange cat.

He use to be a very heavy cat and he was very fat or big cat.
He lost a lot of weight after we moved to new house.
we moved around may 30th 2005.
When eatting and then picked up and he gets sick and throws up food.
My mom wants to know if it could be hair balls?
I don't see him barely ever going to bathroom.
I have put him on can cat food because he stopped eatting dry food.
PLease help I need your help, I don't know what to do?
I put a littler box down stairs so there be one food when he is down their and There is water down stairs and i feed him the can food.

I also want to tell you all that my cat nick was born march 11,2000.
nick mother got pregnant by her dad and had a bunch of kittens and that is how we have nick.
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Has the cat been to the vet? He sounds like he needs to be seen by a vet fairly quickly. Would your mom take him in?
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It sounds like Nick has a lot of problems, possibly including trauma from the move, hairballs, and maybe some tooth pain (sometimes cats won't eat dry food if it hurts their mouths). You need to take Nick to a good vet for a complete checkup.

Since he is longhaired, hairballs are very likely, and it would probably be a good idea to give him some Laxatone every couple of days. It will help lubricate his insides so the hair he ingests can pass through more easily without forming clumps. You can find it at PetCo or PetSmart.

Is Nick strictly an indoor kitty? If he's allowed outdoors, he may have picked up some internal parasites that could be causing some of his troubles. It's very important to keep up with all his shots and wormings, especially if you let him go outside.

It also occurs to me that the new house might have some dangers in it... is it possible that Nick has gotten into some old pesticides or poisons that were used by the previous owners? You and your folks should do a thorough check of the whole house, garage, and yard.

It's clear that you love Nick very much! I know he's feeling bad now, but he's a lucky kitty to have you. I hope you'll take him to the vet as soon as you can, so he can start feeling better soon. All good wishes to you both...
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i took him to the vet and i also found out he is 6 years old and he was born 3/1999.
The vet said he has johnitist and i got test done and i just found out that he has a little of a liver infection and they said to feed him tuna and i am and he is eatting good and that is so cool and i love my cat and thank you for telling me to take him to vet and they said that he is a very sick kitty, I love him. I love my cat nick. I paid 131.00 at vet today and my cat is worth it because i care so much about him. He is a inside cat and we keep him and my other cat in the house and never go outside.
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I'm glad that he's eating and acting better now.I hope he keeps doing so well!!!
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my cat nick is doing better now and he is stronger and do everything now, This is good news, thanks for the help.
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Thank you for taking him to the vet! I'm so glad to hear he's doing better. You're a good kittymama. :-)
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