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Broken Back

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My Aunties cat Salsa, a 5 month old Chantilly, got our yeaterday and when he came in he cried whenever you touched him. When they took him to the vet they said that his back was broken and it couldn't be fixed, so they had to get him put down. The only thing that they can think of that might of broke his back is that he was hit by a car, but there was no external damage. Do you know what could have broken poor Salsa's back? Thank-you

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I don't really have an answer for you. But, it is possible for an animal to be hit by a car and thrown. When this happens, the animal is not actually run over and sometimes it is difficult to see any external injuries. I lost a cat many years ago due to an auto accident (I found her on the side of a fairly busy road). She had only a small, external injury but had internal injuries.
Did the vet mention that this was a possibility? Perhaps the vet has seen this type of injury before.
Or, is it possible that the kitten was predisposed to this type of injury (had a weak back)?
Perhaps someone else or the treating vet (or another vet) would have other ideas.
Sorry for your loss .
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So sorry about Salsa.
It is sad to hear about a little baby like that.
Often when an animal is hit by a car, they are hit from behind, since they are running from the car. This pushes their hind end up toward the front end, overly flexing the spine and often causing spinal trauma of varying types--a dislocation or fracture, or disk injury, for example. This, unfortunately, is a rather common HBC injury in dogs and cats.
A little kitty vs a car, no matter how strong and healthy he is, doesn't stand much of a chance.
Hugs to your aunt.
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That's sad. My friends cat was hit by a car and dragged herself using her front paws only all the way home. They also put her down.

I was thinking another possibility is she fell from somewhere. Cats are known for their good landing abilities but some are better than others and they do often get injuries from falling as well.
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Thank you for the replies. My cat tigger also got hit by a car and attacked by coyotes in the same night. I didn't
think that he would make it, but he pulled through. It is really upsetting to my aunt because she has a little boy and he does not know yet. She does not want to tell him until friday.
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I'm so sorry to hear that! It just breaks my heart. maybe she could use this experience to explain about life and death to her little boy. (if he's not tooo young) My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
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