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How can I separate them???

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(Sorry this is a little long...)
Hello, I have an upcoming dilemma and I am not sure how it is going to work out! Right now my fiancee and I live with his sister. We have two cats, sibling red tabbys (one male, one female), that were given to her as an unexpected present when they were 8 weeks old. Now, they are about 8 months old. Naturally they are best friends and have the best time together. Well, at the end of December my finacee and I are getting our own place. His sister likes the cats, but has decided she wants to give them away. We are going to take one, b/c our new apt. will only allow one small pet. I am completley torn because they are both so great, in different ways, but in the end I think I will take the girl, b/c she is a little more lovable and also smaller and calmer. I can't bear the thought of separating them, though! Is this totally going to destroy them? I feel awful and if I could take them both I would, believe me, I love them so much! If his sister wanted to keep them both, that would be great too, but I know she just won't. I'd rather have one than none. It is hard for me to think about. I am afraid the cat we take will be quite lonely without her brother. Any advice?
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is there any chance you can speak to your new landlords and see about the possibility of them allowing 2 cats? Tell them the circumstances and explain that they are both litter trained, dont scratch etc... and even offer to pay additional bond to cover the second cat?
It would simply be marvellous if you could keep these two together
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I too think that if you explained to the landlord that they have grown up together. Maybe even pay more of a pet deposit. Or heck don't even tell them that there are two cat's there. I don't wanna encourage law breaking but my friend and her husband weren't suppost to have cats at all in their apartment. they lived there 3 years with 3 cats and noone knew. if something in the apartment needed to be taken care of and maintenance was coming she would just take them over her parent's house for a little bit ( a couple hours) that is just a possibility though. i really really really think that it would be in the cats best interest that they stay together. they are so sensitive. my mom's cat put on about 9 pounds within two years of her best cat friend passing away. she has never been the same old cat even though it has been about 8 years. we got another cat to try and fill the void but that still didn't make nala happy. i would even go as far as to find another apartment. i know this may sound a little too much but seriously would you want the love of your life taken away from you? I wish you the best of luck and i am sorry your in this situation.
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Unfortunatley I asked and I was told it is just their policy to allow one pet, I don't think they will budge. I thought about trying to "sneak" the other cat in, BUT it is a pretty small place, one bedroom apt., right now we live in a larger 3 bedroom one. So...I don't know what to do.
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You know, I've found that cats adapt quickly to most new situations, and it'll probably hurt you more than the cat(s) to become 'single'. They might even like being #1. But what are the chances of getting somewhere else to live altogether? Really impossible, or just a drag?
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They will never know that you have 2 cats. Just take both of them. I lived in an aprtement for a whole year where the landlod never knew I had cats/also had a roomate which was suposedly a no no but I think that was an illiegal clause in the lease anyway. I replaced the lock cylinder so if he did come by he couldnt get in and when I left I just put the old lock cylinder back in. You may want to try to find another apartment also. If the landlord is this inflexible it probably not the best situation. Did you sign a lease? If you did try to find a replacement tenant. Landlords are required to mitigate their damages and if you find a replacement right away with the same qualifications the damages shoudl be 0. (disclaimer: I am not yet a lawyer seek legal advice from admitted attorney.)

Luckily I found a new apartment where not only does the landlord aprove of cats AND dogs in the apartment; he was trying to give me another cat that was a stray. ( I would have taken if it was a kitten but I will only take a kitten because I have 2 cats and not enough room to proprely introduce an adult; My cats would have no problems with a kitten but not sure about an adult.
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Cats are easier to hide than dogs. I had Raven for quite a few months without telling the leasing office of my apartment complex - we had to give a $400 deposit!!!! The only reason I told them was because pest control came in when my boyfriend was home (also not supposed to be living there) and took a picture of the cat. Still don't know why..but I immediately went down with the deposit after that. Didn't want to risk losing her.
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You can do that...and i`d love to see you be able to keep them both....but cats have a tendency to lay in windows....and people from outside can count if they both happen to be in the windows at the same time.
All I`m trying to say is....if you do this, then you need to know that if your landlord does find out, then you will probably have to find another home for one of them....or even possibly for yourselves, if he is a real stickler on not bending the rules. would be easier to seperate them when they are both going to different environments than after they have been together for a time in the new place.
Truly, I`m not trying to tell you what to do. It has to be your decision. You just need to be prepared to suffer whatever consequences might arise "IF".
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I really think you should keep them together as they are best friends. I don't want to sound like a deviant, but this is the third one-bedroom apartment I've lived in without letting the leasing office know I have an animal (those pet deposits are ridiculous!) The first apartment had my ex-boyfriend's german shepherd, the second had my ex-roommate's pomeranian, and my current apartment has my two cats. I've never had any problems with maintenance (they tend to just look the other way) and if problems did arise, I would deal with deposits/fees/whatever when that happened. If you're living in a large complex, I really don't think anyone would care. The current complex I live in has a pet in practically every apartment so no one is going to go complain to the office because I'm sure 90% of the residents haven't put down a deposit. These ideas may not be applicable to you, but I really urge you to keep them together or to adopt them to a family who can keep them together.
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It would be easy IF they weren't window cats/kittens.Meaning if they love to sun bathe in the window like Blaze......I can defintaly see a problem with trying to keep both of them a hush hush.
What about a week trial thing?Take the female with you for a week and see how they both get along without the other one.I'm NOT saying to only take one and not the other.I'm just saying I know how hard it can be to hide animals and take the chance of being evicted.
Good luck and I hope it works out for all of you!!!
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I am having a really hard time because his sister keeps saying she wants to get rid of the male. We thought we found a good home for him, but it turns out that person can no longer take the cat. she told me that she wants to take it to the shelter (possibly TOMORROW!) because he has been a bit of a terror lately (she said he went to the bathroom on some towels in his cat bed, among other things.)
I can't stand to think of him being shipped off to the shelter...I just can't!!! He's such a sweet boy, I don't know why he is acting weird. I know he needs to be neutered....maybe that will help?? I am the only one in my house (out of 5 people) that even care at all what happen to the cats. I am having a terrible time with this! She (the sister) said she found a guy who wants a cat but wants a female, should I sacrifice the female and keep the male? It's possible (but doubtful) I could convince my fiance to let me keep both cats, but I just don't know. We might not even be able to move into our new apt. now (the current tenent might not leave).
Arg!!!! I don't really know what I expect any of you to tell me, but any opinions would help....I'm quite distraught over this unfortunate situation! Why do I have to frickin' love cats so much???
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two cats (or so i've found...) are actually easier to keep than one as they entertain each other etc

ask your fiance if you can get the male but under no circumstances give up the female you've already got!! you have no idea whatsort of person this guy is!

if the male needs to be re-homed you called always post on pet finders for a new home.
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That or get a different fiancee. (I mean why does "he" get the say about whether you have 1 or 2 cats...esp if it has`nt so much to do with the move now that may not even happen?????
None of my business really...just wondering.
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I'm going through a very similar problem right now!! I know someone that has a female siamese and he is ready to give this cat to a shelter. Why? Because she sprays when she goes into heat!! He refuses to spay her... Poor thing... She'll never be bred and she keeps cycling. He's not money tight. I don't think he deserves this cat so I'm trying to help find a home for her but its awful to think how ilogical people can be!
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