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Odor Lockers Health Alert

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Ever hear of this stuff? It is litter with blood detection granules in it. Just curious if it works or not. It is supposed to help detect urinary tract infections. It was on clearance at petsmart for $3.00 so I bought 2 to try it out. I suspected 2 of my cats as possibley having a problem in that area so for 3 bucks why not...Anyone use this? Was I ripped off of 6 bucks?
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Anyone? Is that a no then I guess?
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i have never heard of it so i dont know if you was ripped off sorry
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never heard of it, but definitely an interesting concept!
please let us know what you think of it!
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Hummm that`s a new one for me. I`ve never heard of it either....but as long as the crystals are`nt anything that can hurt kitty it sure sounds like a good idea.
Soooo.....is it showing anything???
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So far we have been putting one cat in the bathroom with the litter per night and they have been clear. So either it doesn't work or my cats are fine.
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They sell it here. It probably works but your cats don't have any infections. I honestly wouldn't bother buying it, but they say you can mix it with regular litter, so it might be worth while doing that. I am just not too worried about it happening to my cat, because I would hope I would notice something wrong.
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Well like I said I have 7 cats and someone is peeing on laundry and rugs. I thought, since this stuff was only $3.00 I would try it out and see if I can figure out who it is and take THAT cat to the vet or get some meds from work at least.
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Yeah, but the cat could have an infection, but not be to the point of bleeding... so it really doesn't help you narrow it down. I would check all of your cats out individually, take their temps if you can get ahold of a thermometer, see who might dehydrated. When a cat isn't feeling well you can usually tell. Their hair coat might be more oily, you'll find something to set them apart from the rest if you give them a good once-over.
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I know, and I do that constantly. I would notice if something is wrong. That is why I thought I would try this out. Nothing appears to be different then normal. None of the cats have any of the symptoms you mentioned so when I saw this I thought, Perfect!. It just determines if blood is present in the urine, it detects the slightest traces of blood where you might not be able to actually see it yourself.
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I had a cat that was peeing all over and I thought it was a territorial issue, but then I had her spayed and she had a lot of ovarian cysts, and they were producing so much estrogen it was making her system all out of whack. I hope you find out which kitty might not be feeling so well.
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