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I'm nervous

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Tomorrow I'm leaving for vacation for one week. I have a girl coming in to stay at my apartment with Tola all week. But I'm nervous! I can't stop thinking about her. I just adopted Tola on October 16 and now I'm leaving her for the first time. I keep thinking of her little soft small head and how she will miss me and not understand what's going on.....

And she had some soft stools this morning (along with hard, formed ones) so I'm stressing over the fact that she might have a weak tummy from the newly-introduced (and slowly introduced) food. What if she has diarrhea and the girl doesn't notice? What if she loses her trust in me because I am leaving her for a week?

PLUS, I am going on a quick date this evening for a drink, and I haven't met this guy in person, so I"m nervous about that too....

Oh my little trusting Tola..... I feel like I'm letting her down by going. I know it's dumb, but I thought you guys might understand......
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I sure do understand. As long as you know this girl well...
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