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Automatic Litterboxes

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I wanted to ask those with automatic litterboxes if they're worth the $$$. And if you have one, did you buy the tent cover that comes with it?? And is the tent cover worth it?

I am thinking that with the automatic scooper I can get away with one box instead of two, as it will keep it immaculately scooped. ( I may move into an even smaller space in the future)

And does it handle "big deposits" well??
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I personally prefer the old-fashioned method. We got one of those ones you tilt and the catcher lets the clean litter through and traps the waste. It was a waste of money IMO and so I took the catcher out and just scoop at least once per day.

Others here may have better things to say about the automatic ones but I've never had the urge to get one. I think they would be more work than just scooping personally and take longer to clean.
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I purchased the Littermaid Mega about 4 months ago, and I really like it. I could not go back to the hooded box. About 1 month ago, I purchased the smaller Littermaid, and I did not like the size compared to the other one, I ended up returning it and geting another Littermaid Mega. I have 2 cat, a Persian and Himalayan. I love that I only have to clean it out once a week.

Good luck!

P.s Almost forgot to answer your questions. Yes, I did buy the tent (for both) and I also bought the carpet. In my opinion it is worth the money. As far as "big deposits", it has handled everything my cats have done.
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Thanks for your replies!! I couldn't remember the name-littermaid, that's it. You can buy them refurbished (?) on ebay but I would prefer new, simply for the mechanics of it.

When I get my littermaid, I will get the Mega and the tent attachments.

Another question for WLE-do your cats do a lot of covering/digging? It seems my big boy is headed for china in the litterbox-I wonder if that would be an issue for the littermaid.
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I have the regular littermaid plus, and I have had if for a couple of weeks. I do not have any problems with it. I have two cats and I check it daily but only empy it out about 1 time a week. The cats were first using it more than normal just to see the thing go off, but they have now settled down and are using it like the other box.

***and my cats also dig in the litter box and make mounds...usually the littemaid will go right through but occassionally i have to shake the box or use the scooper to move the litter evenly***

also it doesnt completely eliminate the duty of the litterbox, because you should check it daily to make sure it gets all of the clumps, and you should clean the whole box evey couple of weeks, but it does save a lot of time and money.
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Out of my two cats, Smokey is the digger. I have not had any problems with the littermaid and that. Just like Alaynna mentioned you still have to check it everyday. With the Littermaid you have less to do, all I pretty much have to do is look inside everyday, make sure there is enough litter (there is a fill line inside to let you know how much should be in there), see if there are any missed clumps, which is hardly ever, and that is it. I love it!!! The only thing I really have to do it change the container once a week and wash it out completely every other week.

The other great thing I bought was the Drinkwell (with an extra reservoir). I purchased it about 1 month ago, and I love it!!!
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A coworker of mine has one and loves it. He said you have to go in frequentlly and sort of stir the litter so it doesn't get to dense then it will work fine.

Other than that I've only heard negative remarks saying its more work keeping the thing clean and from breaking than the regular method of DIY.
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I just wanted to let you know your cats are beautiful...I love the pics that you have on your sig.

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Thanks! I just added my sig this morning . Meeka and Hope are only 6 months old right now so they are young'uns. Autumn is 2 and Clover (though he no longer resides with me, I still consider him mine) is 12.
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I bought a Littermaid a few years ago & ended up returning it. For some reason my cats like to pee in the corners and near the edges of the box, and the scraper couldn't reach the corner clumps to get them out. If your cats pee in the middle of the box it would probably be fine, but if they tend to pee in the corners it might not work for you.
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