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Hello,im new and hoping for advice!!!!

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I have three cats....it might get complicated!!
my neighbours cat got out and became pregnant so i took a kitten,spooky she is lovely,8 months and a lovely black and white moggy.
The cat then had another litter and i took on two more,harvey and elmo who are now 10 weeks old.
We have been realy lucky and they have fitted in well ,no problems with feeding,litter training etc and i absolutely adore them.
The problem is the older kitten has taken one of the new kittens under her wing and they totally ignore the new one!!!!
They sleep togather and play together so i spend most of my time playing with the other little one who gets left out.
I dont mind as he is gorgeous,
but.....dos anyone know why they might be ignoring him???

Any answers would be gratefully accepted????
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I really don`t know the answer to your question...although usually cats work such things out by themselves so I would`nt be overly concerned about it...you just might have to spend more time with the lonely little one for the time being till they "let her in".
Welcome to you all . We`re glad to have you on TCS with us.
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Let's move this to our Behavior Forum where our experts on this matter will be sure to see it! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message or contact me anytime at dawnofsierra@gmail.com!

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Hi, and thanks for the lovely welcomes.
Huge panic today....we thought our little chap elmo had sneaked out of the door while my hubby was loading things into the car.
It was terrifying as at the mo there is a gang locally doing things to cats and the police have been round warning all catowners to be on their guard.
Luckily he turned up......id put the washing from the drier on top of him as he slept in the laundry basket!!!!
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Welcome to TCS! That is sad that one of the kittens is being left out - 3 cats didn't work for my crew ( Joey & JC, both a little over a year & a new kitten, about 3-4 mos old) so my grandson took the kitten to live with him , and I wound up adopting 2 more kittens, and the 4 number works great! The 2 kittens play with each other & with JC, and they all enjoy irking Joey
{{{Prayers and vibes}}} for protection for all the kitties in your area & hoping that the police catch & punish the evil gang of cowards! Shame on them for harming God's innocent creatures!
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I've always heard its better to have even amounts as the extra will be left out - may be true in a lot of cases. Then again, perhaps the left out one has something medically wrong that you don't know about yet.

Cats tend to "pair up" more often.
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I've always been told that cats are too independent. Luna is the odd one out between Patches and Beauty...but P & B have been together for 10 years and Luna has only known them for 1 yr.
The signature I have below? It's a lie. Totally photo edited as my ideal world where all 3 cats sit on the couch together, snuggling.
I just play more with Luna than P & B, partly because she's my cat and also just to keep her happy.
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Maybe it is gender, if two are girls, and one left out is the only boy?

At my house, we have two cats who stay, and one extra foster cat currently. And my girl Festus is way happier with three cats! I think it gives someone else for Garfield to pick on! Festie is more playful, and more social with us since Sugartoes has been with them. And Sugartoes is often separate-sitting in the bathroom window. But Festie still seems happier since Sugar joined the house.

Maybe just give them more time together? Does the big sister like the left out boy if you take the other kitten into a separate room? Or maybe he is just more independent, and prefers to spend time alone?
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Maybe reintroduce them to one another?! I'm not sure as I only have one kitten.We've been thinking about adding another, just haven't found the "right" one yet.
GOOD LUCK!!! ANd I hope they all learn to become friends.
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Today has been much better!!!!
All three of them have played quite happily.Last night was hilarious as they all sat on the windowledge and watched the fireworks,they were trying to chase the lights in the sky!!
Fingers crossed the threesome continues to stay togather!!!
Thanks for all the lovely replies and i LOVE the piccies of everyones cats.
How do i get mine up??
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Three cats are an interesting mix....I would think that as young cats the two littermates would be most apt to pair up.

A little over a year ago we introduced Xavier to our family as a kitten. For the first six months or so he was infatuated with Katie Mae (the oldest and only female). She tolerated him to some extent, but was also very nurturing toward him as well. Once Xav was bigger and more interested in play fighting and mischief Katie wanted nothing to do with him and Herbert (the middle kitty) became his bestest buddy.

They're young yet - maybe they'll come around....
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