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Kitten teeth

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What is the teething schedule for kittens? Do they get baby teeth and grownup teeth? My new kitten is supposed to be 10 weeks old, but her teeth are basically 12 tiny little needles. At least I think it's 12. Four look like needle molars. She is chewing on everything.
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This is a picture of my kittens teeth at about 4.5-5 months old. I got this picture because it shows how the canine comes in before the old one falls out. So they are actually double fanged for a while. I found this fascinating!

Kitten Canines

There are other pictures of her if you hit back or forward. I think most of her teeth are adult at this point except for the canines (lower canine appears to be adult as well). So maybe around 3-4 months is when the teeth start falling out?
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I'm not sure about the timing but they do lose their baby teeth. We found one of Bijou's and also one of Mika's which we saved for the scrap book our daughter is making for them.
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They start to lose baby teeth at about 4-6 months. My baby didn't get his other teeth before he lost his baby ones so he was canineless for a while!! Poor thing - His bite was so weak!!
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Great pictures! I guess my baby has a lot of growing to do.
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Solarity.... Great pictures! I also looked at your albums... I don't think I had ever seen a bengal before! Especially one like Meeka... a little leopard, so beautiful! Are they common?
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