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A Prayer

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If anyone wants to add anything, feel free to do so. After watching more news on wars and other crisis, we all need this. I made the prayer up.

I pray that one day there
Will be peace and love on
This earth. That humans will
Realize that this world is
For all to share.

I pray for the wars to stop
For thirst to be quenched
And stomachs be filled
With food.

I pray for the crying of children
To be replaced by laughter. Of
Despair replaced by joy and hope.

I pray for the shedding of blood
Be stopped to be replaced by the
Shedding of happiness.

And, Lord, I pray that all humankind
Be able to love each other like the brothers
And sisters they are. And to realize that
You are the Father who cares for us all.
I pray that they will replace the hatred in
Their hearts with ever healing love.

For love will free us from all things negative.

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Well Done Nena!!
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AMEN. Very well said.
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Very nice Alicia!
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That was beautiful!!!!!!!!
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