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Cat Howling

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My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new apartmnt. He has 1 cat and I have 2.
They have not adjusted well to moving and being all together now but one of the cats has started meowing alot, mostly during the middle of the night.
I would imagine he is just upset about the move but does anyone have any advice on how to deal with it or stop it?

Thank you!!!
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If it's just anxiety about the move - try to solve the other problems and see if that helps. Also give him lots of love and attention.

If it doesn't stop, you may want to have him checked up by the vet. Read this thread about a yowling cat for more info:

Even if there's nothing physically wrong, maybe the vet can help him with a mild relaxant. (Just don't try any medication that's intended for human - these are often highly toxic for cats).
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