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Poop on Butt

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My kitten (7.5 months) tends to get poop attached to the fur on her butt and will drag her butt on the floor to get it off (which never works). So far, I've always been home when it happened, but I'm afraid someday I'll be at school and I'll come home to one very disgusting apartment.

Any thoughts on why this happens?
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You may need to change her food. Your food might not have enough fiber.
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I would have the kitten checked for worms first.And if none were found, I would change the food......maybe the kitten can't digest it right.
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Is she a long haired cat?
If so, possibly trim some of it around her bottom so that the poops don`t have as much to attach to. She should outgrow this as she gets older and learn to be more careful to keep herself clean.
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I don't have any suggestions on how to cure it, all I can do is sympathise with you as Sleeves does this occasionally too! The other day I picked him up for a cuddle and later realised I had poo on my WHITE jumper. Deeeeelightful.
Hope you get this sorted
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Bubbles isn't big on cleaning his bum either, after a number 2. When I am at home, I stand ready with a baby-wipe, and wipe his bum for him. He hates it and starts cleaning it after to get rid of the baby-wipe smell. He has even started to clean it on the odd occasion before I could get to him with the wipe, so maybe I am even teaching him how to do it. It's not like it's stuck on the fur or anything, it's just a little skid mark left at the end. But it stinks to high heaven, if it ends up on my tshirt And as I think he still has worms, I am not too keen on having it on my sofa or carpet.
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Mine don't have that problem. They just tend to send a few nuggets flying out of the litterbox in their over-zealous attempts to cover the most recent source of stinkiness.
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do you have long hair that she could be eating, that's consequently getting stuck coming out? that was clinton's problem. he would nurse my hair (still sometimes does) and then eat it and have problems passing it. as previously suggested, trimming the fur around the tushie can help (or at least make clean-up easier.)

Good luck!
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Sometimes I have to take a pet wipe to Beauty. Right now she's really obese and can't reach.
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