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Feline Deafness

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Hello everyone,
I'm a freelance journalist working out of Ohio, and I'm currently working on a story about feline deafness. I've been able to find some great information on this topic, but what I'm lacking are good, first-hand stories involving people and their hearing-impaired feline friends. If anyone has had experience with this, or has any advice, humorous or entertaining stories, or additional information and would like to share, that would be greatly appreciated.

Just some background on myself and my story.....
I have a 3-yeard old white cat named Athena, who was born without the ability to hear. She does have a few related quirks (crawling across the piano keys late at night, very loud voice!), but she is still as loving, playful, and happy as any other cat that I know.
Caring for her does require a few extra precautions; I also own other animals (dogs and more cats), and it can become dangerous for Athena when she can't hear their growls, hisses, barks.... etc. Also, you must be careful to never sneak up on her; she can't hear you coming!

Anything that anyone else would like to share would be very helpful, and appreciated. A reply here is fine, or my email is shaw.368@osu.edu.
Thank You
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I think I got quite a few stories to tell about myself and my deaf cat! I am also deaf so we have quite a bond and hes quite the character. Please feel free to PM me, through TCS and I will be happy to help out!
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I don`t have a first hand story...but we have friends who also had a WHITE and deaf cat. He lived a full and long life...of course as an indoor only cat.
His "mommy" would tap 3 times on the floor when she put out fresh food, or had a treat or catnip, and he would come running as obediently as any dog!
When he was being naughty she`d stomp, hard ,one time on the floor and he knew that meant "NO!" It always amazed me that he could feel the viberations all through the house. (Although it was`nt a very big house, and did have wooden floors ....not sure how well it would have worked if she`d had a cement slab)
He was really a very smart cat...and such a little lover.
Oh..and also...he loved a radio. He`d lay on top of it often when it was turned on. My guess is that it must have vibrated and he liked the way it felt.
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I had a deaf cat, Cleo, when I was a kid. She was a long haired calico. She meowed fairly loud compared to the other cats. And she made a very loud and distinctive sounding meow before she threw up. Every single time that cat ever threw up a hairball or whatever, she'd make that meow. You could hear it ANYWHERE! But other than that, she acted like any other cat.

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