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What is happening?

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I have a few questions. I'm new at the animal owner stuff. I've always loved animals but just recently adopted a kitten. He's now four months old and is getting his 2nd distemper shots this weekend. He hasn't been declawed, but gets his nails trimmed regularly at the groomer, and he hasn't been neutered yet. For a while now he's been releasing himself on my bed, lots of peeing, and plently of pooping to cause me issues, no matter HOW clean his litter box is! I've tried testing to see if it was only after he ate wet food, but it's all the time! I don't know how to make it stop. I've treated him when he uses his litter box, isolated him when he hasn't after showing him what he's done. Nothing is working.
Now his latest habit is biting. This morning alone I woke up to him knawing at every visible inch of skin peeking out from under my covers. He even starting biting my nose when I fell back alseep after yelling at him, ignoring him and tucking my arms under the comforter. I've tried distracting his attention by giving him toys, I've tried ignoring him, I think I've tried everything I could think of and read.
What do i do with these issues?!?!?
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the biting I wouldnt worry about just say no when he does it and push him gently away. He will grow out of it. I had this problem with max for several months/I didnt get much sleep but he grew out of it. the peeing is much harder to fix but kittens often have problems with the litterbox. Make sure everything is ok medically/take him to vet. Beyond this try having more then one box or try changing litter.
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Some kitties ar epicky about thier litter and if they don't like it, won't use it. Could also be the litter box location.
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Is the poo normal? Could be a parasite if its not. Otherwise the biting is sort of normal. One of my kittens would nip my nose and I would have to hide my head under my pillow to get her to stop. I think they almost want to nurse and think the nose is a good place (she was 4 months when this started and lasted until 5 months). She stopped now because I blow on her really hard if she comes near my nose, cats really don't like that. If shes attacking toes that is also really normal and just takes time to break. It sounds like shes bored and dosen't know why you need to sleep!

You might try confining her to a room at night with lots of toys, a bed, and a litter box. Just until she gets the idea. Shes also young so a little litter box by the bed might be good until she gets the hang of it. I also had a peeing problem with one of the kittens and over time of keeping things clean and her confined at night she finally stopped.

Also remember she is nocturnal. It takes time for a cat to turn their schedule around but they can do it. Its like a person adjusting to 3rd shift. Our 2 year old is content to sleep all night but the kittens want to play. Sometimes it helps to have a pair so they can entertain each other and not always be after mommy when shes sleeping !
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First of all you need to re-litter train the kitten. Keep him in a bathroom or small room with a litter box and food water and toys for a week or so.

You may have to try different litterboxes or litter.

Also, don't get him declawed because this biting problem could become much, much worse.

If you neuter him that could cut back on the behavior problems. It may not, but if you don't do it soon then he wil also start to spray. Spray smells even more horrid then peeing and pooping and the smell doesn't come out. And he will start to spray.

Last but not least, put more litterboxes throughout your house. Scoop them everyday and completely wash them every week or two. If you just have this one kitten then he won't fill it that fast.
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In four years of experience with five cats, four of whom came to us as kittens, we've had only one pooping incident. I immediately scooped it up and put it in the litterbox where it belonged. Then I picked up the kitten, cuddled him for a moment, and placed him gently in the litterbox -- not to "show him what he's done," but to let him see (and smell) WHERE he should do it. He was only eight weeks old at the time, but he caught on instantly. No further trouble at all.

Yes, I know I'm reaaaalllllllly lucky! :-)
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There is a sticky at the top of this forum that gives lots of great advice for retraining your kitty to use the litter box! Here's the link:
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