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My brother and I were going to school, when I thought I saw a dead cat in our neighbor's grass. He pulled over, and sure enough, it was sweet little Keira, only about a year old. She was often seen wandering around houses, playing with my Flibbo. She was so cuddly and quick to purr and relax in your arms. Not to mention she was an absolutely gorgeous cat. Needless to say my day was ruined. All I could think about was that poor kitty.

What scares me is I have no clue as to what killed her. When my brother, the braver of us, went to place her on our neighbor's porch, he said there was no blood or broken bones. Our neighbor's well-mannered golden retriever was poisoned by someone about a year ago, I can only hope this was not Keira's fate.

RIP Little Keira
(I snapped this photo while she was sun bathing on our porch a few days ago, it does her no justice as far as how pretty she was.)
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I am sorry. Rest in peace little Kiera. You were a pretty cat and you will be missed.
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Thats so sad, she's only a baby as well Have you spoken to your neighbour since?.

RIP Kiera
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oh what a pretty little girl

RIP Keira - play happily sweetheart
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Have you spoken to your neighbour since?
Yes, and she has no clue what happened. We would normally try to get her to check out the cat's body with a vet, to make sure she wasn't poisoned, but she's going through a divorce and short on money.

Thanks for all your nice words, everyone.
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Rest In Peace little one. You barely learned to live before your life was ended.
I pray your passing was swift and painless.
The sun is brighter and the grass is greener over the bridge sweet Keira.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. That poor, sweet little cat. RIP Kiera
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Condolences on the loss of a lovely cat who was obviously a great joy to the neighborhood. Her time down here was much too short, and I am esp. sorry for your neighbor to have lost her furry friend while going through divorce, tragedy piled upon tragedy. I hope that Keira didn't suffer much, perhaps she was struck by a car & thrown on the lawn, often there isn't much sign of trauma, on a residential street with slower speed limits. At any rate, Heaven is one kitty happier & Keira knows that you will be there for her meowmmy, your neighbor. Hugs to you all, Susan
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How sad...
RIP little Keira.
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Sometimes people will stop to check a kitty found in the road, to see if it needs vet care, and upon finding it dead, will lay it next to the road out of respect for the animal.

I'm sorry you lost Keira. Condolences on this tragic loss!
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. RIP little one!
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