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kitty boogers

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Pubah I presume has dried boogers in his nose. They are really dark, almost black..... I just cleaned them off with a towel with warm water. At first I thought he had a nose bleed.. but the crust like I said is basically black.

He definitely isn't sick, because he has so much energy and runs around and play fights all the time... he still nurses constantly.. I tried to introduce him to semi solid food and I don't think he likes it just yet... I still have yet to see his poo... I can smell it, but I guess that since he is only drinking his mothers milk, that his poo is liquid and not solid yet?

But anyway.. I was just wondering if anyone else had any other idea what this black crust is on his nose.... I mean are kitty boogers usually black??
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Hmmm...Well my baby has never had boogers so I'm not sure about that.

And your baby should be definately pooing solids - Even on mother's milk. So you haven't seen any poo's? Is his tummy really round and hard? Cause he might be constipated.

And he is soooo beautiful! Have you got more piccies?
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Yes I think he should definitely be going to the bathroom. I heard that letting their little hind ends soak in some warm water might help a bowl movement. Also a massage like what the mama does to encourage the movement. I guess she could be eating it too... With my kittens though I was always cleaning up after them, then again I had the opposite problem - giardia - they went everywhere!

So how old is he? He looks really young in the picture but what you describe he sounds a little older. If you are introducing solids then you should have definitely seen some poo by now.

The boogers I have no idea.... I would just try to keep the nose as clear as you can and maybe someone else ahs better advice.
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He will be 5 weeks old this saturday. I swear I have smelt poo in his nest area.. but maybe he was passing gas?... I guess his tummy does feel a bit hard... His mum is still always licking him downtown :P So maybe she does eat it? I just massaged him, so we'll see what happens... and I'll try putting his back legs in warm water.
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He could just be passing gas - I would take a quick trip to the vet just to make sure - I had constipation problems with my little girl and we had to give her enemas until she got the hang of doing it on her own.
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Hi - my kittens all have this - I don't remember seeing this in my other cats when they were babies though!

I'm not sure why its crusty and black, but it comes off fairly easily with a wet warm tissue - just be careful not to pull too hard as you could tear the nasal tissue. It could be from their food, not sure why else it would be so black (we do have a clean house though, honest!)

I clean their noses once a day..
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If you haven't seen his poo but he seems healthy, his mommy is probably eating it before you get to see it. Babs had two litters, 7 kits in total and not once did I see their poo! I do now with Kiddie, my 3 week old, but that's only because I'm his momma (real momma passed on). As for the booger, I'm at a lost... I don't know what it could be.
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Thanks, I feel a lot better ! Yeah he is super healthy, and lively so yes it would make sence that she is eating it! And I'm glad to know Pubah ain't the only kitten with boogers hehe.. Chupi by any chance is the mama cat to your kittens black??
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to jane_vernon who requested some more pix of Pubah!

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AWWWWWWWW!!!! What a sweetheart!!

Is that his momma in the first pic? He's almost bigger than she is!!

He looks like he is doing really well! And isn't cute when they start chewing on things!! At the moment, Portia thinks any part of my body is good for chewing...Neck, feet, legs, arms, hair...Oh boy, the joys of being a surrogate Mummy cat!!
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