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Changing litter, pls help

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I am changing my kits litter from a clay,clumping litter to Worlds Best Cat Litter and I need some recomendations on how to do it. Do I do it gradually and use both litters for a while or just change it all together? since the litters are completely different I don't know how well the would mix together. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated! Thanks!
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After 12 years of owning cats if I changed litters, I changed 100%, no transition. EXCEPT pine litter which must be done gradually. If they already are used to a sandy, clumping type litter I'd say they will probably be fine with a completely switch. I found my cats liked to eat the Worlds Best when it was fresh poured. I also have to keep the bag in a cubourd because they will tear it open. However, they all love it so much.

I'd make the switch and then put the cat in it and dig their paw in it a couple times. Of course they will probably jump right out!

Others migth have a different opinion than me but I find going from litter to litter, they get the gist.
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I agree - I've always just changed the whole thing. If you aren't sure of what your kitty will do, I would keep back some of the old litter and sprinkle a bit over the top of the new WBCL just to keep the scent and that should help I would think.
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When I switched to WBCL Polly didn't seem to realize right away that it was litter. She sniffed at the box a lot, but didn't use it. So I just put a very thin layer of the old clay litter over it, so she would figure it out. It worked like a charm, and now she happily uses WBCL with no hesitation.
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Just change it. This little-by-little thing is making a simple job harder. Unless your cat flat-out REJECTS the new litter, it's not that big a deal. She'll get used to it.

I switch litter brands now and then, depending on what I can find, although I stick to a similar type (baking-soda formulated scooping litter). My cats will use anything in the box just fine.
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