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Naughty new kitten

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I'm a newbie on here so be nice, ok?!
I don't know if this is the place to post but hey here goes!
We have 2 cats, one is about 3 years old, he is very very polite and well behaved, if not a bit of a grouch at times!!
Then we have a new kitten, she is 3 months old appox i think, and we have had her for about a month. She is very naughty, but we dont really know what to do about it. she is brilliant to handle, and very friendly and not once has she scrtched or bitten anyone. However, she is very greedy, and almost like a dog in her behaviour towards food. you cannot leave any food lying around because she will have it no matter what it is. She has also started to jump up onto the kitchen counter searching for food, when nobody is looking. So firstly i was wondering how can we discourage this behaviour?
Also, although when we first got her she was well littered trained, as we have been trying to get her to go to the loo outside, she has begun to go in the house, but only in particular places, such as the brand new leather sofa, and a corner of the kitchen floor. Obviously we dont catch her in the act so there is no way to punish her, so how can we discourage the behaviour? She can get outside and does go to the loo outside, she only goes inside about once a day...
Im not sure if weve rushed gatting her to go out?
Also, she is a recue cat and spent a looong time at the cats protection in a cage.. i dunno if maybe her problems stem from that?
Thanks for any help!
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Hi and welcome!!!! There is a thread in the forum you posted this in, that deals with behavioral (sp) problems you would probably find the best answer in there via the kitten whisperer ( Ms hissy LOL) I have a pretty naughty boy myself and have found this thread VERY helpful in dealing with Mr.Crazy lol Good luck!!!!!
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First off, welcome to the group!!!!
As for the counter surfing, I've heard of people using the double sticky sided tape to deture cats/kittens from doing that.I've also heard of some using a special contraption(best way I can describe it) it looks like a mouse trap ONLY it does NOT snap on them.When they get near it, it goes off ONLY making a loud sound.So, it doesn't harm the kitten/cat at all.
When we catch Balze doing it, I clap my hands as loud as I can and say NO!!! She'll jump down everytime.I do know that she does it at night, so I make sure to leave no food out on the counters.
Maybe your kitten is not getting enough to eat because of the other cat?Maybe placing the kitten in one room too eat, would help.
On the pottying thing, I can't help there.Blaze is inside only.I would think placing her in a bathroom with the litter box for a couple of days...food and water too........might help reinstall the potty in the litter box.Maybe she's getting mixed signals?Meaning, it's o.k. to go outside where ever I want to......so why not in the house.
Good luck!!!
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Put a litterbox in the house. Cats are not dogs/ for the most part they wont hold it to go outside. Now they can be trained but you cannot expect a kitten to hold it and ask to go outside. They go to the bathroom a lot when they are young. Most people who have outdoor cats, which I feel is very dangerous, also have a litterbox in the house.
As far as the food goes this is IS NOT naughty behavior just instinct. Perhaps you are not feeding her enough/I self feed so this was never a problem for me. When they are hungary they eat. They learn that if they eat too much they wont feel good. At least this was my experience.
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She's a little young and it sounds like you've given her a lot of space to wander around. Sometimes like a a young child they forget where the bathroom is and is important to have something nearby. You might buy some small litter boxes and put them in various places around the house while she is young. Then keep a main litter box out of the way for rainy days when she dosne't want to go outside. As she gets older and is better able to "hold it" you can slowly start reducing the kitten boxes. I had to do this with my kitten. Sometimes they get so busy like a little kid that when they have to go, they have to go that instant! If nothing is nearby that looks familiar to her then she will go wherever she is.
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It's not a good idea to "punish" a cat -- although punishment may put a stop to unwanted behavior, it will also damage your relationship with the kitty. There are lots of threads here with excellent ideas for teaching your cat through reward, rather than punishment.

I'm very fortunate -- all I usually need to do with my kitties is snap my fingers once or twice, and they stop what they're doing. The moment they stop, I murmur "Good kitty" or "Thank you, darlin," and stroke their cheeks. It seems to work almost perfectly with my two!
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