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Companion Animal Insurance

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hey, all,
can someone give me some information about companion animal insurance? my cats were really sick this past weekend and it cost me a fortune...i was wondering if the insurance thing i found for companion animals would have helped? does anyone have it? is it good, or is it like the kind of insurance they offer at colleges...the kind that is no good anywhere or for anything!
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If you use a search engine and look for "pet insurance", you can find a few insurers; then you can see which coverage might be best for you.
I have pet insurance but the re-insurer (AIG) stopped dealing with pet insurance so a couple of the pet insurers, including the one I use, are going out of business (or are still looking for re-insurers). My plan is good until the end of the year so I haven't looked at anything for a while.
You'll need to sift through a few pages of the search results to be sure you get all possibilites. Veterinary Pet Insurance seems to have a monopoly but there are others out there. After looking through some junk links, I recall finding about 3 places. Each seemed to have a number of plans for varying prices. Deductibles ranged from $50 per incident to $100/yr. They often do not cover treatment linked to previously diagnosed problems - but if your cat has been symptom free for for certain amount of time, then that might be different.
The insurance really is for major incidences. So, if you can afford an extra $100 or more a year on your purrballs, then it could give you peace of mind, and coverage, if your cats need major medical attention.
Read the fine print to see the limits of coverage and what won't be covered!
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