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I had all of mine done after I rescued them, at a low cost spay and neuter $15.00 for the neuter and $25.00 for the spay
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Man, I wish I lived somewhere else!! LOL, most of you have much cheaper prices for spay/neuter!

For Nya, her spay ended up being $350 and Buddy's neuter was $75. The price difference was due to Nya being older when she was spayed so it cost more, and Buddy went on what they called "Cheap Neuter Friday" otherwise neuters are around $95.
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Four COrners of New Mexico
My vet normally charges $85 for neuter and $95 for spay but on Mondays all she does is neuter male cats and will do it for $50 including all bloodwork, meds and vaccinations. But while working at the vaccination clinic last month we had one lady say that she hadn't been able to afford to get her kitty neutered because her vet charged $350. My jaw about hit the floor.
I am lucky there is a retired vet just down the road that will neuter a male cat using aenestic (forgive spelling) for us and few of his other neibhors for nothing just to keep the barn cat population under control.
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My vet was going to charge me $125 for Ferris' neuter, but when he heard that Ferris was a feral rescue that I adopted, he gave me the rescue discount, so all together it only cost me $80.

Ginger's spay only cost me $35, but that was because I had a certificate from the shelter I adopted her from and used a vet that took the cert. I paid a $125 adoption fee for her.

It's all over the map up here - completely depends on which vet you go to.
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To nueter Persi in Plano, Texas: $165. Also, this included pre-testing which you did not have to do for $50 and also included an overnight stay.
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My vet used to be $56 for females and $32 for males. She has just increased her rates to $85 for females and I don't know what males are now.

I can't blame her it is the first reate increase in 13 years.
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WOW! Those are some really outrageous prices! Our vet is going to charge us 85 dollars to spay our 70lb 3 year old Golden and that includes anethesia and the surgery.

I believe the low cost clinics will spay a kitty for about 25 dollars, but then again the prices should be ery affordable considering we have a massive overpopulation problem here!
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We just had our 2 girls done last week--$160 each. That didn't include take-home antibiotics or pain-med, which we ended up needing for one of them.
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Malaysia's SPCA charges. (the cheapest in Malaysia)

Female \tSpay \tRM 60
\tPregnant \tRM 70
Male \tCastration \tRM 40

Female \tSpay \tRM 90
\tPregnant \tRM 100
Male \tCastration \tRM 60

Currency Converter ( as of today )
USD 1 = RM 3.6593
EURO 1 = RM 4.6518
AUSD 1 = RM 2.8208

more info http://www.spca.org.my/neuter.htm
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