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I have two female kitties and I got a certificate through the friends of cats and dogs foundation for $35 so it was only a total of $70 to get them fixed....now you might have to pay more if you are not up to date with their shots, and if the actual vet has their own costs, but the vet I went to accepted the certificate and there wasnt any extra costs.

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The last spay I paid for (Gracie's) about six years ago was $60.

My current vet charges $90 for a spay and $65 for a neuter, but often offers a discount for rescue/feral cats. We're also fortunate enough to have a mobile spay/neuter clinic that charges $30 for neutering and $40 for a spay, along with several other low cost programs locally.
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I was amazed to learn it cost me $140 to neuter my cat by the time all was said and done! Worse than that was when I had my female pembroke corgi pup spayed....$225
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Here where I am in So Calif I paid $15.00 for nueter and $25.00 for spay, that was all the ones I rescued and that was a that is a low cost clinic, I had 12 girls and 4 boys done there,
I am Having My 4 yr old Female Basset done there it's between $85 and $95
The folks there are just great and I really liked the 2 Vets that I met,
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I have the cats spayed at the Cat Haven which costs $80.00. About the same as a vet but I'd rather the money go to the shelter.

The dogs are about $250 for a female and $150 for a male, but with our local council's spay/neuter programme it is only $55 for dogs and $30 for cats. Pretty good, huh??

If you buy a puppy from the dog shelter it costs $255 but that includes all vaccinations, a collar and tag, a microchip and their spay/neuter. I think that's awesome. If you get a kitty from the Cat Haven it's $150 but you get the same - vaccinations, collar, tag, microchip and spay/neuter. It's really cool.
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Canton/Massillon Ohio

I called various places and it was $45 (neuter) & $55 (spay) that was through a voucher certificate place. Highest was $100.00, just for surgery and medication.

Dazee was a Humane Society/ Second Chance shelter kitten, the bill was still $40 after deposit and spay certificate adjustments.

Having 3 girls and 1 boy, I wanted at least Chance to have it done around 4 months. No vet in my immediate area would do the surgery before 6 months.
I found the Neuter Scooter was going to be about 25 miles away. $40 for surgery (if paid in advance, $50 day of surgery) and $10 for pain medication per cat.

I was surprised too by the cost difference, area to area.
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I'm in Texas, called the humane society who referred me to the vet clinic they work with even though meowser wasn't from the humane society. It cost me $20 to get him neutered (spaying was more). I got Munch from the humane society so he was already neutered ($40 adoption fee including neuter and first shots- good deal!)
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Around here low-cost is $25-$50 for a boy and $25-$75 for a girl, inclusive. Full cost isn't much more for the surgery itself but you have to pay for the anesthesia, a fee for the operating room, etc. Total cost is around $150 for a boy and $250 for a girl.
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We got Tigger spayed for around 200 CAD or about 170 USD (total cost) a few years ago, partially paid for by the shelter we got her from.

Now with Callie we live in a different city, different vet, etc. We just had her spay done a couple of weeks ago. When they gave us an estimate we were shocked and started looking around for other options. But we were told we'd have to pay an office data transfer fee, she'd need a checkup with the new vet first, etc. So it would have ended up costing the same anyway.

The cost was 368 CAD (311 USD). This included bloodwork, IV fluids, pain meds, the spay (205 CAD) and a post-op visit.

When we got Callie from the shelter they gave us a $60 voucher toward the cost, and said that on average that would be 1/3rd of the cost. Clearly my vet has above average prices! Yikes.
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Spay - $170
Neuter - $140

Low cost clinic
Spay - $70
Neuter - $40
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My vet (San Angelo, Texas) charges about $69 for each female and about $45 for males. It's extra with bloodwork, shots, etc and that's what we got. So for four kittens over a three month period, it costs us about $500.
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its about $75 for an uncomplicated spay, an over nite visit and shots added on bring it to around $110 or so
i do not know what neuters cost, but they have always been cheaper in this area (New England)
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We just had Blaze spayed on Monday and it was $37 for the spay
free Rabies vaccine
$10 for a pain shot
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it is very interesting to see how hugely the prices vary from state to state. In some, I'm not surprised that people cant afford it...
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In st louis its 90 for neuter not sure on the spay
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The veterinary hospital I go to had a low-cost spay/neuter program. Unfortunately it wasn't available when I got Miko so I had to pay full price. On the other hand, Kionu's was about $45. $20 for the inital surgery and $25 for anesthesia and the iv/catheter. They discontinued the program so my mom had to pay full price for her puppy. Total cost was about $285 with everything included.

Normal Cost (feline surgery):
Female: $100
Male: $85

Anesthesia: $75
IV/Catheter: $60

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Originally Posted by pushylady
Wow what a lot of variation!
I paid $178 for Pushkin: neuter, laser & bloodwork.
Wiggies came neutered.
Southern Ontario.
I've been told that my vets are expensive, but I called around and $110 seemed a common price for just the neutering op.

I'm surprised they did bloodwork and used a laser on a cat neuter. Is Pushkin older?

The procedure is so quick and simple we never use the laser for it and rarely do bloodwork. Interesting.
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Wow. Its so very cheap in other parts of the country/world!

Around here, in eastern PA, i've found prices varying from

Spay:$120-$500 (most are $300-$500)
Neuter:$100-$350 (most around $150-$250)

The prices include the surgery and overnight stay, but you still have to pay for the pain meds and stich removal.

Its incredibly frustrating, it was $170 to get my cat Tara spayed at "low cost" clinic, that is only open two days a year. Though they told me it was that much because she was "older". She was only 3 at the time though, I don't consider that old. And my kitten Drusilla will be getting spayed in Febuary to the tune of $225. And thats with a low cost certificate and a lot of hassle, as the vet insisted we wait until she was 6 months to even make the appointment, and then couldn't get her in until Feb, so she'll be almost 9-10 months old by then. My area is most certainly not pet friendly, we have very few vets (and no good vets), and almost no pet friendly housing. Prices are considerably better when you leave the immediate area, however I don't have a car, and have no one to drive me that far out to investigate things so i'm stuck.
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my vet said it would cost $60 to spay isis and 75 to neuter salem at the age they are now which is 13 weeks that is in belton tx
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Here in CT I have always taken my cats to a mobile cat spay/nuter(sp) group called TEAM last one I had done was $57 including rabies and distemper. I'm sure someone else has mentioned it already. I'm not sure how much it would be through a vet
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Originally Posted by tanjkn3
Here in CT I have always taken my cats to a mobile cat spay/nuter(sp) group called TEAM last one I had done was $57 including rabies and distemper. I'm sure someone else has mentioned it already. I'm not sure how much it would be through a vet
i wish we had one of those around here it would be nice!!!!
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i think we paid about 50pounds ($86) for mav and about 35 ($60) for jupiter. but mav also had an eye op at the same time.

there are so many free clinics around here though but we really wanted our vet to do it as she is the best!

to be honest, aroun herer so many places will do it for free there is no excuse not to have your cat fixed.
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When getting Valentine fixed, I checked around three or four vets in my town, it cost about 150 give or take because it was first required to pay for both a check-up and a rabies shot--and some also the distemper because the vet wouldn't let him stay there to recuperate without it. One vet gave me an estimate of $400! This included adding fluids to the cat to rebalance his system.

My sister told me about a program in NY where you can get your cat fixed for $25 so I did that. They come around in different parts of NYC in a mobile clinic and if you're one of the first 20 people in line that morning, your cat gets fixed. The first time I tried it I was late so I waited but got cut off. The second time I was earlier. I still have a friend that I met while waiting outside that morning! Also, they will give your cat a rabies vaccine as well. And they will sell you a cone to put around the cat's neck if need be so that s/he doesn't bite on the stitches.
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Well here prices can change a lot. Where I live right now a male costs 75€ (88$) and a female 150€ (176$). That can double if you go to one of the two bigger cities in the province. I don't want to imagine how much it can cost in big cities like Madrid. Barcelona has low cost programs, but unfortunately it's about the only place.
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All the vets in my area charge 35 euros ($42) to neuter and about 90 euros ($108) to spay. That's full anaesthesia, no pain meds.
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Appr. $100 for a female and $60 for a male.
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Hi.I'm new to this board. I live in Iowa and it is $35 at our town vet to neuter a male. My new kitty Smokie was dumped on our farm so we don't know how old he is.The vet thinks he's about 10-12 weeks.He said to wait two months before we neuter him....does this sound correct to all of you? I just don't want to wait to long...might start spraying.
Our vet also has a "deal" that if you want to do a neuter and a declaw its only $80...which is cheap but I just couldn't stand to do a declaw on him.
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Im having my little boy Zen done tomorrow. Im in Ohio, the vet I go to is 60.00 nuter and 120 spay. I could have probably found a cheaper one, but myself and our family have been taking our animals there since 1976. So I know that they are good and I trust them.
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I am in Columbus OH and three years ago I paid $120 for a neuter and $145 for a spay. I paid extra for the pre-op bloodwork and that was $55. They have raised the price of their office visits a little so those prices probably have also went up a little.
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Around here...southern MN...it costs anywhere from $50-$125 for a neuter & $95-$175 for a spay. The more expensive vet isn't necessarily better, however, she does have an anesthetist come in to do the anesthesia...making her cost higher...therefore the client's cost is higher as well. There is no such thing as a low cost spay/neuter around here.
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