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"crystal smowflakes" for your Christmas tree.

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This may not be the forum to post this on....but by the remote chance that you actually have cats that will leave your Christmas tree alone...these "decorations " are REALLY beautiful and cost amost nothing to make. Weeds are free for the picking and you can get the white spray paint and clear glitter at Walmarts for about $1 each..
You pick the dried Queen Ann`s Lace weeds. (The ones that looked like doilies during the summer.....they close up to form seeds and then reopen again to release them about this time of year...even though they appear "woody" and you would`nt think they`d ever open again... they do!)
Pick them with long stems (at least 8" to a foot)and spray paint the weed white, all but the stem...(leave it brown, as this is the part that you will stick into the tree, and the brown color dissappears better than if it`s painted white.)
After the first coat of spray paint I give it a second coat and while it`s wet and then I hold it over a paper bag and sprinkle clear glitter all over the top of it. (You can reuse whats in the bag after doing several if you save it)
I did about 50 for my 7 foot tree and it took 1 tube of clear glitter & 2 cheapie cans of spray paint...so total cost of about $3.
Got TONS of compliments on them last year....and they really are beautiful! The glitter picks up all the sparkles from the lights.
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That sounds beautiful, Linda. I wouldn't trust my cats around it though. (Last year we had rosemary for our Christmas tree.) I wonder how it would hold up outdoors in Florida.
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Oh, I have so much Queen Ann's Lace in my pasture! I can definitely do that, and if the kits mess up a few, it won't be so bad!

I may even do that for a Sunday School craft...thanks for the tip!
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What a great idea! and I love the price
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Sounds interesting....do you have any pics?
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