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Mrrrrit Brow?!

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My Gypsy's in heat. Since it's only the first day, her little pigeon-like squeaks are still kinda cute, but I think she's going to drive us insane in a few days.

Some background: Gypsy was a semi-feral stray when we brought in a little over a month ago. She's about 8-9 months old. She was scheduled to get fixed last week, but came down with a nasty case of rhinotracheitis and it was post-poned. The vet said we should wait about three weeks for her to recover before the surgery. She's still on Clavamox, and will probably be on it for at least the next week. Her appointment isn't until March 22.

Is there anything we can do/give her to make her less... weird?
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LOL, just time. She will stay that way about a week. There's only one way for them to go out of heat and that's to get bred.
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Thanks, Sandie. That's kinda what I figured, but since it's been about 13 years since I've had to deal with a cat in heat, I was hoping someone would have invented Kitty Midol or something.

Now if only we could get it through Gypsy's head that our other cat, Sheba, is a girl, and can't help her with her predicament. Sheba is not amused.
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:laughing: Snarf! Love that subject line, it is so accurate!
Sorry, Lorina, you're gonna have to wait this one out. There is nothing quite like a cat in heat, is there?
Look at the bright side: She must be feeling MUCH better since her bout with RT.
Hope you and F can get some sleep during all of the noise!
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cats in heat freak me out! I'm glad I got mine spayed before I experienced that! (Spayed today actually). Please tell me they don't STILL go through that!
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My cat Pepper does that, too. Even if he's not it heat. He goes Prrrrrt Prrrrrowrrrrrt. It can get a little annoying but I never try and stop him because then he gives me cute looks, so I have to put up with it!
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Lorina - how are things going? March 22 is closer now!
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She's back to normal now. WHEW! And I goofed -- the appointment is March 19th, so only a little over a week to go. I'm glad I won't have to put up with that again. And I'm glad I had Febreeze on hand for when she "claimed" the couch as her own.
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