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Green mucus from the eyes???

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I just noticed this morning that George has a bit of green mucus discharge from his eyes. He was sick with a fever last week and has been taking Calvimax twice a day, although I admit I have only been giving it to him once a day for the past three days or so - I keep forgetting since he no longer is sick. Is this mucus something that will be counteracted with the antibiotics, or is another vet visit neccesary? I have extrememly low on funds - rent is late and I'm behind 2 weeks on bills. George has already been to the vet twice since I got him 2 weeks ago.....Any experienced advice?
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It sounds like an eye infection. Is george the little kitten? If so they are more prone to these things since their immune system is not full grown yet. Murphy had eye goop when I first got him, the vet gave me some eye ointment and it has since cleared up. Good luck I hope you find a vet who will work with you when you are low on funds, I know how these things always seem to happen when you are broke.
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Yes, George is the little one. If it hasn't cleared up by tomorrow, I'm going to call the vet and see if I can get some kind of eye ointment without having to pay for an actual visit. My vet is pretty inexpensive I think ($38/visit), but I still need to get George his shots...
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I think i`d at least call the vet and ask if this is what is to be expected...and also fess up to how often you have been giving him the meds since he`s acting better. (They may possibly need to extend his meds...????) Be honest about your financial situation...they may give you samples or something if he needs them and they have them...???) Who knows? It can`t hurt to ask.
You might try putting a note somewhere to remind you about the meds too....like on your :censor::censor::censor::censor:, stove, bath mirror etc...wherever it will get your attention.
I hope he`s feeling better soon!
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Was he being treated for a URI? If so then the yucky eye is very common with a URI. Just like people on antibiotics you need to take it as prescribed the whole dose for the lenght of time prescribe. Even though he appeared better the bacteria was not completely killed off.. If you don't take the meds the proper times per day and lenght of days your not keeping the antibiotic in his system at the right level. And this allows the Bacteria to over grow and starts the whole URI over again.
I would call your vet and tell him you missed a few doses and about the eye and see what he thinks..
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Just got home from work and no mucus, but I'll still call the vet tomorrow am anyway. Thanks for your replies!
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How is your baby doing now???
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Just wondering how this cat is. Keep us posted.
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Still a little goop, but not much at all. We're just going to keep up the Clavamix and hope that will help the infection. It's most likely a URI because he is a little stuffy also. I'm going to watch him to make sure he doesn't get worse. He's still his wacky, playful self. I had put some catnip on the ground for Raven last night and he came charging over. I didn't know kittens that little would take to catnip. He loved it!
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