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Ok guys i just need a little support. My 'ex' or whatever he is just said he doesnt want to talk to me anymore because of our problems (too long to go into obviously)... i love him so much but he just wanted to be friends and i couldnt handle it. it's for the best, as our relationship wasnt good, but we're really good as friends but i cant because i love him and it's so hard. well now i'm crying at work because i asked if we could still talk at times and he said no, and if he sees me out, i shouldnt say anything, etc... after over a year of talking every day. i'm just really upset and it's probably better that he did this so i'll be forced to be strong but it hurts so much. sorry i just needed to vent, i am really upset.
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Awww hun I know it's hard, but sometimes when relationships have had huge problems then it really is better to make a completely clean break. At least you won't have him there to constantly remind you of the past, you can move on with your life, start afresh with someone who deserves you
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If you manage to be strong and not call him or make contact then eventually you will find it easier. Its going to be hard, but if you try and get in contact with him and he doesnt respond its going to hurt you even more. Don't torture yourself. Even though not speaking to him feels like torture...
Whatever his reasons are for doing this, however unfair it seems (to us aswell as you!) you have to respect his wishes, just like you'd want him to do.
Maybe being friends is too hard for him?
I hope you're ok I really do xx
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thank you... i'm ok now. i'll be fine, i'm a tough cookie... just had a brief moment of insanity there, haha. and i think working 15 hours a day 5 days a week is taking a toll as well... but thanks...
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I know what it's like to get used to talking every day and then all of the sudden not have that. It's happened to me a lot with friends and boyfriends. I used to talk to one boyfriend every night on the phone until I fell asleep, and when we broke up, I felt so lonely at night! It will get better, though, I promise. In time. I hope you have good friends because they're absolutely crucial in times like these!
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yeah i do have good friends. thanks... no it's just that it is too hard for me to be friends with him and that's not what he wants right now, we're playing on 2 different fields. oh well i'll get over it. thanks guys.
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I went through something like that with my son's father. We still have to see each other because of visitations. I finally figured out that the best revenge is to let him see how great I am doing without him. Ha ha.
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you has my thougths.......
Don´t give it up!
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I really am sorry that you are hurting so bad right now! :-(
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thanks guys, that is really nice. yeah i'm ok now... it's only a man, right?? haha. NEXT! ha.
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Originally Posted by Shiraz21
thanks guys, that is really nice. yeah i'm ok now... it's only a man, right?? haha. NEXT! ha.
You sound like a strong woman. You've gone through a lot - first losing him as a lover and then losing him as a friend. Glad you're ok.
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I'm sorry he feels this way. he apparently isn't worth your tears. You are too good for him...IMO!
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thanks, everyone tells me that... i really should have left him a long time ago, but that love stuff is a u-know-what, makes ya weak... Barb, your Luna looks like my shiraz... there's a few pics in the "fur pictures only" section under "Shiraz" if you want to look
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Aaaaw sweetheart i'm so sorry. It's entirely possible that he's said that he doesn't want to talk to you anymore, simply because HE finds it too hard as well. You both need healing time, and this is probably his way of dealing with that. Time is a great healer though.... hold your head high and let the rest of the male population see what a wonderful woman you are
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