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Vibes for my mom please

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My mother has complained of having well she calls it a 'dizzy spell" and a warm feeling on here neck about 3-4 times a month. I don't believe that these "spells" last very long. Tues she went to doctor who performed an ultrasound (?) on her cartoid artery which showed no problems. She also had an EKG done which she doesn't yet know results but they have been good in the past. This afternoon she goes back to have a head scan. She has lost 4-5 pounds stressing out over this which is weight she cannot really afford to lose.
I would appreciate some board magic for her please!! Thanks .
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Prayers and good vibes to your mom!!!
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prayers coming your way
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Sending lots of good vibes to your mum, I hope it's nothing serious
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Sending prayers your mom's way!
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Sending lots of prayers and good vibes her way!
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Prayers going your way for your mother. Keep us posted how she is doing.
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I will add your Mom to my prayer list. Let us know what her doctors find out.
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Gail, I will certainly be sending vibes to your mom and praying for her. I hope it's nothing serious and that all her stress will be gone very soon. Keep us updated!
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Prayers for her MD to figure out what is causing this, and it to be easily treated! And for your peace of mind!
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Lots and lots of prayers and good vibes going out to your mom, I hope she gets better soon!!
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Oh dear Gail C.....this is unfortunately...

My best wishes and of course my prayers to your mommie are on the way..

Don´t give it up!..
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Prayers for your mama I know the stress you can go through worrying about parents
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Gail, fingers crossed that she is alright.. though I will say it sounds like a sugar issue to me, has this been ruled out?
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Here is hoping its nothing, Gail....Vibes out to ya!
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Gail, prayers for your Mom's health and stress level.
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Vibes are headed her way. Hopefully this is something minor and easily treated.
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I want to reach through the phone line and smack my sister. She calls this morning and says I think you should go to their house like now (they are 1 hr 45 min away).
I say lets see how the appt goes. So she orders flowers for mom. Sure make me look this bad daughter (remember I'm a twin) So depending on what mom say later I will see if they want to visit this weekend to calm her down.
I'm not saying mom is a hypochondriac but I think she has some stuff done (like a colonoscopy) more often than recommended. My sis want to have her see I nutritionist (that is my college degree hello) I think part of the problem is mom and dad don't eat enough-its not a money issue sometimes my mom has odd ideas which can go to far. Plus in the past yr I think she has been to the ER for panic attacks.
This is just so maddening for me sometimes. But I thank everyone for their thoughts and I'll keep you informed.
BTW does anyone know if I get the name of mom's physician would she tak to me??
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Lots and lots of good health vibes coming your mum's way - keep some huggy vibes for yourself too!
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Ohhhh tons of good vibes for your mom from me and my gang.
Please let us know how things go.
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Sending vibes for your mom and family!!!
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Originally Posted by GailC
BTW does anyone know if I get the name of mom's physician would she tak to me??
It depends on the privacy policy. I called my husband's doctor once and they refused to speak to me until my husband said it was OK!
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Prayers for your Mom, Gail. Hope this turns out to be something straightforward and easily treatable. And prayers, too, for patience with your sister -- stuff like that just makes an already stressful situation that much worse.
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I'm sorry to hear about your mom, Gail. Positive healing vibes being sent to her from me.
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Gail, I hope whatever turns up on the scan, if anything, isn't serious.
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Vibes coming your Mums way.
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oh Gail, here's to a great report and that it's just nothing - maybe a change of seasons. I do know how nerve-wracking that waiting period can be. I know you to be a strong, courageous woman and your family is so lucky to have you. Hang in there,
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Well Mom called the Drs office today and all the tests done are "normal". I thought they would be. My sis spoke to some of the team doc's on campus and they agreed with our ideas of mom not drinking enough fluids and that she should gain some weight-about 10 # (she can have some of mine!!). Mom and dad are flying out in a week to vist my sister for 3 weeks-perhaps she can fatten both of them up.
Thanks everyone for their concern.
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Great News!!!
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That is very wonderful news!
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