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Will your cat take treats from your hand??

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I was just curious because neither my moms cat, Max, or mine will!! Madden might lick them but for the most part pushes them with his nose or paws at them then demands they be put down for him to eat! LOL
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Sleeves will eat anything from anywhere!! If I put my hand out he will take the treat but he usually lifts it out of my hand with his mouth and then puts it onto the floor to devour.
He'll eat chicken and things though out of my hand.
I found out last night my friends cat will not eat anything, even her cat food unless it comes out of her hand. I think this is crazy as my friend has to put cat meat in her hand (yuk) but if she wont eat otherwise its a really difficult one!
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Well, if you have fancy soap (smell) or lotion on your hands, it could put them off doing it, but sometimes they are just unsure, plus cats only go by smell and 'habit' (food in their dishes) because they are relatively far sighted and can't 'see' the food in your hand if it's too close to their face, so if the food smell is changed by your hand smell, they won't recognize it very well.
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Rosie does all the time. Here she is grabbing my hand to make sure she gets her treat!

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If it smells tasty, he doesn't care where it comes from, hahahaha
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When Harley was just a baby, he wouldn't take treats from my hands, but now he eats anything and everything, no matter where its at!!
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My first cat Autumn would never eat from my hand when we got her but now she will . Just a bit of training and trust. My other cat dosen't distinguish fingers from food so unless I want my fingers bitten off I don't feed her from my hand. Then my third cat dosen't like treats at all. Poor thing, I feel so bad wehn I have to do bad things like put ear drops in her ears and can't give her anything she will like to make amends.
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Mine will take it from your hand, but always drops it to the floor before eating it. Dunno why...figured it must be another one of those cat mysteries!
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She surely take a treat from my hand...and also will take one perched on my nose tee-hee.
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Not only do Snickers & Hammie take treats FROM my hand, they take part of my hand WITH them.

If I'm not careful, they will chomp part of my finger off!

Dusty takes cheese from me but that is all. She is a total Cheesehead.

The others refuse to eat from my hands... they want it put onto a plate or bowl for them. Picky!!!
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a finger eater . She is very food obsessed and just loves eating!
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All of mine will eat from my hand, and one will lick my fingers clean if she smells food on them. Everyone else tries to chew.
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Ha ha!! Love that picture!! My big guy will literally knock food out of my hand if I don't pay attention. Even fruit. He won't eat it, of course, when he realizes what it is but until that point he thinks it must be tasty if I'm eating it. I try not to give him food directly from my hand because for a cat he's not that suave about getting food from fingers without taking the fingers with him.
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LOL I love that picture!!! Thanks for all the replies...I thought I was the only one with a strange kitty!
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Meow took treats from my hand, but not from anyone else's. Then again, she didn't like anyone else, so that makes sense.

Loki will take treats from anyone's hand, if he can find them. He has some sort of problem finding out where the treat is, maybe because they're tan-ish colors, or maybe because the smell is all over our hands, so he can't figure out where it's coming from. He's kinda dumb.

Bella will take treats from my hand, or on the floor, or out of her brother's mouth. She's a greedy little treat girl.

Rowan isn't quick enough to grab treats from my hand. Bella always gets there first.

But all three that take/took treats from me will grab it and then drop it on the floor.
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Mine will. Rocky who doesn't see too good and is a bit of a pig anyway will take a huge bite and will eventually try to eat my palm. Ouch! This is when I feed them a small handful of dry junk cat food as a treat, like fancy feast.
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