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Can I have some vibes for my boys?

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I know how well the good wishes and vibes work on here, and I wondered if you could spare a few for my kittens.

Max and Alfie both got neutered last week, and had umbilical hernias fixed. Max had a retained testicle and also a big problem with his muscles which they repaired, with what the vet termed 'major surgery'. That was last Wednesday.

Monday I took Alfie back as his wound was infected. He's now on antibiotics and the wound is still swollen.

I woke up this morning and Max is bleeding I have a vet appoinment in less than an hour, and I'm sure it's not too serious as it's not bleeding too heavy, but I'm worried sick about him again.

Please, if you don't mind, send both of them some vibes or prayers to hope that Alfie's infection will clear and Max's bleeding isn't anything nasty.

Thank you all
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Aaaaaw poor little sweethearts!! BIG BIG vibes coming your way for them and you
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Thank you LillieKat
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Awwww Clare, your a mum so your bound to worry

Sending Max (((((healingvibes))))) and let us know what happens
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Of course I'm praying for your boys, Clare! Alfie, this infection must go! Max, this bleeding must stop! It's time for you to both return to perfect health! Feel better soon, precious babies!
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Oh no, Clare!

I'm thinking of you all and sending major, MAJOR }}}VIBES{{{ for health and healing to Max and Alfie and lots of calming }}}VIBES{{{ to you with as many as you need!

I'm sure everything will be okay, your boys are strong little ones!
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Thank you Susan, Stephanie and Sarah

Max is home again, with an infection He has another 5 day course of antibiotics to take but vet says he should be fine. The bleeding wasn't deep so nothing to worry about apparently, just the sight of it scared the life out of me!

I just want my babies to be ok.
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Awwww bless him! He has his medication though and he'll be fine

Was Afie's wound ok as well Clare?
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He had another op on Monday to get the infected tissue out and he seems ok since. The wound is swollen but I spoke to the vet about that this morning and he said that it should be ok (but to bring him back if I'm worried). He's on antibiotics too and he's not easy to give pills to! Max is a darling, he'll hoover up anything you put in front of him

On the brightside, the vet has only charged me for antibiotics and anathestic, the follow up visits and Alfies second op have been free of charge.

I just really hope that's the end of it now. What started as a simple procedure has turned into a real trauma for both of them, not to mention the effect it's had on me! Keep your fingers crossed for us
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The worst part (their op) is over now So things can only get better
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What a bummer about the post-op problems. I hope that the antibiotics do their job and they both recover without further incident.
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Awww, those poor little guys. Sending prayers their way.
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Thank you Eileen, thank you Gail. I really appreciate the good prayers and vibes
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Prayers for Alfie and Max. I hope they both are well on the way to recovery.
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Of course Alfie & Max are in my prayers. What precious little kitties!
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Thank you Bugaboo and Rockcat

I was very upset this morning and the good wishes in this thread have really cheered me up
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Get better soon, boys! A neuter is supposed to be such a minor procedure! How difficult that your gorgeous boys had to have more complicated surgeries, and to get infections to boot!

Best of luck with your guys! Feel good soon, Max and Alfie!
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I'm so pleased that it's not too serious!

Come on, Max and Alfie!! You storng boys will be completely better in no time at all!

Sending more healthy, get better soon }}}VIBES{{{ and to you all!
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