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Ever fed them twice???

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So i slept like 45 minutes last night......I had class, then I had to visit my dad in the hospital.....(He had a knee replacement)...anyhoo at about 7:30 I was crashing so i fed the kits........

John who had some more work to do stayed up a bit longer...He only slept like 4 hours as well....He ended up going to bed at about midnight...but not before he fed the kits.......

They must be just happy as anything........

Ever done this before???
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Yup! But mostly I do it out of guilt because I feel bad about having dogs, or they look at me mournfully and hungrily, or I just feel like I want to spoil them. They've SO got me wrapped around their little paws.

Sashka could do with some more pounds anyway she is the smallest grown cat I've ever seen!
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I free feed though I really shouldn't, but I have one cat who is quite slender and actually the right size for the breed, and another who is chunky but still at a reasonable healthy weight. It's very difficult to feed them apart, so I free feed as a result.
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My girls have scheduled meal times, but will sometimes get an extra meal slipped in here and there on certain days when Serenity is quite convinced she's starving!Sierra enjoys the extra little treat!
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we tend to feed Tosca two smaller meals in a day, rather than one larger... she needed to put on a little bit of weight after we got her, so it was much easier to do it that way and let her cope with less food more often than her trying to stuff everything all at once! Because believe me, she'd try!
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I free feed as well.

I have done that to my dog a few tmes though.. I generally feed him his dinner after our last walk of the day.. so around 10-11pm.. but sometimes I forget that I already fed him.. and feed him again.
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Yes, but its because I have a bad memory
I will feed them and not one hour later, I am thinking "Did I feed you guys?"
Then I start asking them if I did...But they don't answer.
Then I feed them just in case.
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Yeah My cats gets fed twice a schedualed as least.....i am sure if the meals were more schedualedi wouldn't forget....and feed them twice....
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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
"Did I feed you guys?"
...never ask them that.........the answer will always be no....
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My cats get fed twice per day, but if I were to offer it 5 times per day, they'd be happy to eat it.

I've got fat ones, skinny ones, small ones, large ones (Cats, that is).

So their appetite is not based on their size! They are just rotten to the core and always have that "I am so starved" look thing going when ANYONE steps NEAR the kitchen.
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I haven't but my mom did it all the time!

I used to free-feed Oscar but he's since gotten a little "chunky". But if you told him that, you get the evil eye! He gets scheduled feedings but sometimes he convinces me he's starving as well......
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I leave food out all day for Tiger and Lily.. I have a VERY busy household here and it seems easier.. and I don't get woke up at 3 am because I forgot!
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It has happened two or three times when Jamie has woken me up in the wee hours demanding breakfast, I've gone downstairs on automatic pilot and fed him, and then back to bed. Then I've fed him again at his usual time.
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I admit it, they've had days where they've been fed once, and days that they've been fed 3 times, lol! (we intend on 2 times a day, but at 6 AM we sometimes forget.)
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I have the auto feeder where it is available 24/7.
I can't keep track of who eats when and don't want to do it any other way.

They do get 1 small can mixed with their dry twice a day, and fresh water.
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We free feed our dry food, but the girls get canned food every night as well. I have definitely come home from work and class some nights around 10:00 pm dead tired and have forgotten to give them their canned. Usually though Eb wails so loud that I can't forget!
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Yes it has happend many times.
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I've fed them before I take the girls I watch to school when I'm in a drowsy stupor and then again when I get home 90 minutes later a couple times in the past...I once also left for class without feeding them, in which case I hear all about it when I got home a couple hours later! You'd think that being fed 2 hours late was killing both of them and that I was the most terrible kitty-momma ever...
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I usually don't have it very *together* in the morning, so sometimes I stand there thinking "Did I feed the critters thier breakfast or not??" I don't know how I can *not* remember if I fed 3 dogs and 2 cats (the hamsters are fed at night, and the dragon gets fed right before I leave, because he needs to warm up first). But sometimes I wonder. And I usually end up giving them more food, because I don't want them to go hungry because of my morning fog delay! Of course, on those days I usually remember, quite vividly, feeding them the first time around, on my drive to work. I need to start dishing up thier food before bed on nights I have to get up early, so I can just put it down for them and not have to try to remember.
Gizmo is especially bad about scarfing down her food and then acting like she hasn't been fed, too. She does it more on early mornings, I think because she knows I'm likely to have a forgetful moment and feed her fat hiney again! I tell her "Seriously Gizmo, missing one meal would NOT cause you to die of starvation!" LOL!

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Free-feeder here nope....I have`nt " done it twice"...and i`ve never forgot to feed them....NO WAY WOULD THEY LET ME FORGET!!!!
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