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Three's Company...Delph, Josie and Me!

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Hey, all.
My name's Steph and I am the mum of two lovely two year-old female cats. I adopted one (Delph), and the other adopted me (she was a stray...Josie).
Delph is a black and white DSH, and Josie is a gray and white DLH. Delph is more a dog...she comes to a whistle and is NEVER in a bad mood. Josie, on the other hand, is a typical female cat...
It took them a few months, but they are now the best of friends. I think what changed their minds about each other is that I (out of desparation because they kept fighting) took Josie to an adopt-a-thon to try and find her a new/better home. Anyway, she decided she wasn't going home with anyone else and bit, scratched and hissed at anyone who came near her. SHe came home with me that night and when we came in the door, she and Delph kissed and it was game over. Very strange, but very beautiful!
That's about it for me. Oh, I'm a law student in Chicago and am president of the Animal Rights Law Society at school.
I look forward to getting to know you all.
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Hi, Steph, It's nice to hear from you. I'm glad the cats are getting along well now. They're smart little dickens, aren't they? I wish you the best in law school!
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Welcome to the site! :tounge2:

That's great that you are heading up the Animal Rights group! We need more people involved with the legal system who deem animals worthy of protection. Here in Colorado they just passed a new law that makes the second conviction of animal abuse a felony. It was passed in honor of Westy the cat who miraculously survived after two teens (JERKS!) set him on fire and threw him out of a moving car!!!

Anyway, I'm sure you will love it here, and get great advice on anything related to cats!
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Thanks for the update on the new Colorado law. that is tremendous! things are moving in the right direction (albeit it slowely, but at least they're moving!).

ophelia looks very similar to my baby, delph!

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Hi and welcome Steph! Yeah! Another Chicagoan. Do you live in Chicago? I live in the western burbs. There is always tons of stuff here to talk about.
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Welcome aboard!!!!!!!
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Welcome Steph. You will love it here - so many interesting topics and a laugh or two along the way. Meow to your fur babes. I am glad they sorted out their differences.
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