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Get Kitty to meow more

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My 9 month old kitty doesn't meow very much. Occasionally, when she's dying of hunger, she'll meow to get my attention. Otherwise, she just doesn't meow much. Is this normal? She's completely comfortable at home and gets whatever she wants, of course. My other kitties I've had in the past used to meow all the time and this one is pretty quiet. She's very healthy, just quiet. Is there a way I can get her to vocalize more?

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Cats all have their own personalities so your kitty could just be a less vocal one. It's also possible that she will start to meow a little more when shes is older (at least that's what happened to one of my cats).
You can always talk to your cat and meow too . My cat often responds to my voice. But, be careful in encouraging more vocalization...I had one cat that would meow up a storm (without prodding) when I came home because he expected dinner. He proceeded to 'yell' at me for an hour . My current cat is fairly vocal when he first sees me after I've been out of the apt for a bit. The range of meows is amazing.
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I believe I read it here on the Cat Site-that cats usually save their meows for their owners, that they "talk" more when their owners talk to them. That's positive reinforcement. Or, if, when she meows, you respond by giving her food, or changing the litter, etc., she will soon notice that sound brings results. I have Siamese cats who are well known for their vocalization. But I have had quiet cats and "talkative" ones. I think individuality plays a big role.
Speaking of talking, I used to have a cat who would put her paws on my knees and do a "silent meow." It was so cute; I miss that. (She could also "say" meow.
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Ophelia was very quiet as a kitten. She wouldn't say Boo unless she and Trent were playing.

Now that she's 2 years old, she talks to Daddy a lot, but still won't hardly make a peep to me. (Except, of course, her complaining little grumbles and under-her-breath mumbling of nothing that can be repeated when she doesn't get what she wants, which is usually Daddy's attention or treats) I guess it just took her a while to come out of her shell and start talking.
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Jeanie, I had a cat that did the silent meow, too. She only did it when she waited too long for food, I used to say she was trying to be pathetic, as if she was so famished, she couldn't do anything more.:tounge2:
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When I was young we had a brown tabby that scared itself with it when he meowed, literally looked around where that sound could possibly come from (hehehehe). Well now I have a 2 yr. old bengal boy who is a yenta - he talks and talks and talks.
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I have heard that cats tend to meow more after 1 year old. Jinxy does not meow very much, but he is only 10 months old. He does "cry" though when my husband leaves in the morning or when we leave him downstairs after dinner. I have to literally go downstairs and get him. He usually will not come up on his own. But his cry is so loud and unusual, like he is in pain. It's really quite cute.
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My 7 month old cat, Cleopatra, is the same way. Daddy is concerned and thinks she should meow when he talks to her. My other cat, Noah, is 2 and has always meowed, but not very much either. I think cats just are like ppl. Some are very outgoing, so to speak, and some are shy. Cleo only meows when she wants food or if she sees a fish,bird,guinea pig...etc. Cats are unique, I'll give em that!!!
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My tabby, Norton, who passed away last year, never used to meow as a kitten. The older he got, the more he meowed and made a whole lot of other sounds as well. By the time he was 10 years old, he was meowing up a storm. He was like a whole new pussycat. He would talk his head off. I miss him terribly!!!
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My cat Whiskers is very talkative, especially when we come home from being gone to work. The only thing is that he says COW instead of MEOW. And he does it repeatedly, very distinctly. So, of course my hubby and I play it up, asking him "Whiskers, What goes moo?" "Whiskers, What gives us milk?" etc. We have a blast showing off our "talking cat" to guests.

Our other cat, Velcro, hardly ever meows. Only when I am in the kitchen, He will start this weird purr-meow, that sounds like: "Brrrrrow?" Velcro will continue to talk as long as I am in the kitchen, and is only silenced when I give him a fuzzy mouse toy out of the kitchen drawer.

My aunt has a siamese that just goes "Murrrrr" all the time, happy or sad. It just becomes louder or more often when he wants something.

I think it's just a personality thing.
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O ye of little faith! Your cat IS saying "cow." My male Siamese calls me "Ma." And when my female is in heat, she says, in the tone of a mourning dove, "CA--role," my daughter's name. Am I to understand that you don't believe they know what they're saying?!!!I know my cats say many other words; the accent is just a bit hard to understand, that's all.
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Norton.......what a nice name! I am sorry you lost him Jacqui, he sounded a real character! bless him.

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Thank you so much, Lisa. He had a sister named Trixie, who also passed way. Norton really was quite a character. He was the perfect kitty. Always good and never did a thing wrong his whole life, bless his sweet, pussycat soul!!
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