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Is this safe for cats to eat??
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I can't think of any ingredients in marshmallows that would be harmful, but of course they're not health food for anyone. If your cat likes to play with marshmallows and eats one occasionally, I wouldn't think it would be a big deal.
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Originally Posted by everydayzz
Is this safe for cats to eat??
Heck, I'm not sure marshmellows are even safe for people!

For cats? I sure wouldn't let them eat those. I'm no nutrition expert, but sugar and cats just don't seem to be a good combination.
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[font=Fixedsys][size=7][color=Sienna][b][i] Like I said I had a cat named Gypsy who lived happily 21 years & Loved Whip cream out of a can & occasional Marshmellows! We Loved her Dearly & Miss her Daily! Right now my problem is our new addition Savannah.She has had discharge from her eyes since we bought her home(Gooky,brownish black in color) Any suggestions? We`re calling the vet tommorrow! We gave her some eye medicine we had left over for KoKo which seeemed to help! then the place we got her gave us a sauve which seems to make it worse! Thanks Again Love,Peace & Happiness to all! And do I need to deleate old messages? Do I need to Deleate my messages & theres? Thanks,Still no Medical news!AAARRGGGG!!! cinnamon(cindi)
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Would be afraid the cat would choke. Also the sugar level cant be good for them.
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Cinnamon, I'm still a kitten here, I would suggest posting your question in a thread that's related to your subject. Maybe start a new thread with your question with an appropriate subject header. You might get more response that way if people can see and identify with the topic. (people don't necessarily connect eye discharge with marshmallows At least I hope they don't! LOL! ).

JMO. Hope your little Savannah is OK!
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You are exactly right. My cat, Sissy, opened a bag of marshmallows one morning and was eating one. I didn't think much about it until it had swelled in her throat. I didn't know what to do but try to dig pieces out with my finger. It worked. Not sure if it was the right thing to do but I panicked. It was scary.
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