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Anyone here besides me badly jonesing for a new episode? Three weeks seems like a long break at the beginning of a new season.
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has it been three weeks? I guess it has. Just wait till spring.. when the wait get longer

I can't wait for a new episode.. I am in love with this show.
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I agree I was watching last night and after 10 minutes I said to myself-enough of a recap-but then looked in TV guide and saw that it was a re-run!!
Rnough already-brng on the new episodes.
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I console myself by being a big dork and frequenting the Lost message boards and reading everyone's speculations on who's going to die or what's happening. I miss that show.
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I am such a Lost adict... I did know it was in re-runs but its killing me! Summer is the wors when it's off for months. So do we have any wonderful theories? My favorite charactor is Charlie
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My faves are Hurley and Sawyer. I'm really hoping they aren't going to kill off Sawyer. They have said SOMEONE will die, but not who.
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