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Love my new job

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Hi everyone. Just wanted to let all know that I love my new job. I started about six months ago as personal staff for a tortoise tabby named Sex that decided to move in with me. The hours are long and the pay is crap, but she's a great boss. She sleeps a lot of the time so I can have some time to myself. She even lets me sleep in the bed so long as I don't kick her off in the middle of the night. We get along great and I think she'll keep me around for a while. I'm so lucky to have found this great job. I recommend this kind of job to anyone !!!

West Des Moines, Iowa
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Welcome! I love your perspective of the human/feline relationship, too cute! This site is very addictive so get ready!
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Your cat is named Sex? That's different!
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Hi and welcome! You'll love it here. Can I ask how you decided on Sex for your cat's name? I think it is unique.
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I talked to some friends and we came up with that. I was going to get two kitties and name one oral and the other sex, but only got one instead. It's really a conversation stopper. It also gives me a chance to talk about my baby all the time. Conversations in the office get pretty funny. Go to the vet for shots for Sex; stop by the store and get food for Sex; gotta buy toys for Sex, etc. I love it when I ask people if they'd like to see pictures of Sex.
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This reminds me of a horse that my folks got for my sister. The horse already had the name Satan (he was quite spirited and sometimes a bit much to handle) so we stuck with that. He was already used to the name too.
A few times, Satan escaped by jumping over the fence. Just imagine a family running about in the middle of the night chanting SATAN, where are you? SATAN, come home! SATAN!
Conversations about the horse were either filled with innuendos or were silly: Can I ride Satan? You're not going to believe what Satan did today (he was a super smart horse who did all sorts of tricks with little prompting).
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Welcome to the TCS club!! And what a name....SEX!!!!!!!!!! How interesting and different!!:tounge2:
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