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Better diet help for foster kitties

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Hi there,
I doubt anyone remembers me, I haven't posted in forever. My beautiful boy Angus was the love of my life, he had cancer and after 1 1/2 years of chemotherapy, the cancer won and we lost him in May. I just brought home 2 foster kitties from the Humane Society and have questions about their diets that I hope I get help for

1. Jane is about 10 years old and grossly overweight to the point she can barely walk. She also seems to be having skin issues and has a couple of very raw sores on her back and tummy. The shelter sent me home with technical adult canned and Innova lite dry for her but is there something better I could give her that might help with the allergies and still help with the weight?

2. Tarzan is Jane's brother and he is a lightweight but his teeth were terrible so has had major surgery and is missing both canines and others

In general I''d like to improve both their diets for them and would welcome suggestions for better quality food.
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I would look into high end canned ... Innova light is a very good food ... Are you looking for a simplier formula??? Pardon I have had a very long day ... canned is easier since it is mostly broth in the high end brands... and some good ones are california natural , nutro ( read the labels) , sensible choice ( by royal canin) , pro pac ( some) , merrick
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These foods are very good. Innova in particular is fantastic.

What you might do is offer Innova Lite canned for both of them on the floor. Then offer a higher calorie dry food in a bowl someplace where Jane won't jump. On top of the refrigerator is a good place. That way Tarzan can free feed and Jane's food can be regulated.

One more thing - it is critical that you make sure Jane eats, every day. If an overweight cat misses a meal or two it's easy to think that she'll just live off her excess body fat and be fine. That's a deadly mistake. Overweight cats who go more than 24 hours or so without eating will develop hepatic lipidosis (feline fatty liver syndrome), which is most often fatal. It doesn't take much food to protect the liver but it has to be eaten every day. Since moving is stressful and sometimes stress can cause cats to go off their food, this is important to keep in mind.

Congratulations on your new foster furlings!
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If you arent finding what you want in traditional cat foods ... there are many great homemade cooked and raw diets out there but you would need to consult a nutrition minded vet..
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What did the vet say? With being so overweight and the sores/skin problems, I would maybe speak to a vet.
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