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Random 'Fraidy Cat

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Hi guys....it's not often that I post a question on here about my darling babies, but we are having a puzzling situation with our Cricket..

Here's the story -
I rescued Cricket along with Noble about 14 months ago. At the time of rescue, Cricket was 8 weeks old, and almost completely ferile, and very sick with a URI, worms, etc. He and Nobes stayed out in the garage until we got the all-clear from the vet, and then brought them in the house to thier own room, then out with the other cats. Cricket has pretty much gotten over his fear of people - he's a momma's boy, but accepts my husband pretty well. We went to vet for shots a couple weeks ago, and Cricket has really freaked out since then. He is TERRIFIED of my husband now, but only sometimes - he will eat and act fine sometimes (my husband is the only feeder), and other times Dave will flush the toilet and Cricket will go running and hiding upstairs. This does not seem to have a pattern, but we are worried that he is not eating like he should (as these episodes occur mostly at mealtimes).

Note: I took him to the vet, which he hates. A woman vet administered the vaccines. What could be wrong??? Dave spends plenty of time cuddling with him, but still Cricket will do this, seemingly without any provocation. Cricket still loves me! Does anyone have any ideas about how to help this??

We are pretty frustrated. Cricket is so skittish! We'd appreciate any input!
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I'm not sure its related, but Garfield (our only male) got kind of scared of my husband John a few months ago. Garfield is about the same age as yours, about 18 months old. Nothing major had happened, John had not acted any differently towards Gar than before, but suddenly, if John entered a room, Garfield would sneak out, as if he expected John to run at him and yell. And if John ever did tell Garfield "No", he acted terrified.

We decided that Garfield was just acting as if John was the alpha male of the house. I still don't know if he saw John "yell" at one of the kids, or wrestle with the dog, or what. But Gar definitely did change. When he was a baby, he would lay on John's lap and roll around as John pet him. One day, he rolled right off and fell on the floor!

John let Garfield have his space, and was careful not to act "scary" around him. Also tried to put extra effort into paying him positive attention. Garfield no longer acts scared of John.

I hope your kitty is just going through a phase, as he grows up into "manhood", of seeing your hubby as alpha.
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