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Bengals or Ocicats

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Hi everybody,
this is just a general qustion. i ´d like to know about the experiences of geople who have Bengals or Ocicats.I mpondering the idea of getting a Bengal. Before Ido I´d like to get to know more about themnot from books but from people who live with them.Pinsel, my lovely Maine Coon, is asleep right next to me.That´s it today. Love to all fourpawslovers´Elisabeth Provos-Killing
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E - I am moving this to the Breeders Forum - you will get some responses there.
Deb Myers
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Hi elisabeth provo!

My husband and I have 3 bengals! Tigger -- 1 1/2 year old brown, spotted female. Gizmo - 1 year old, spotted snow male; and, Scooter, an 8 month old snow marble male, who is also Gizmo's younger brother.

You willl love a bengal ... I promise you that! They are intelligent, believe me. We had to put childproof spickots on our water cooler, because Gizmo figured out what the levers were for! We also had to put childproof locks on the cabinet door to the garbage because both of them figured out where the food wrappers and leftover uneaten food went to! :LOL:

Some bengals love water .... Ours don't get into the tub, like some are known to do. Gizmo likes to paw at his water dish, though. It's not uncommon to find toys soaking in their water dishes either!

They are very vocal, especially Tigger! That girl has a set of lungs, let me tell ya! They are affectionate cats, too. Highly active, always wanting to play.

Hope some of this helps .... Prices for pet bengals vary from $250 - $500, but I've seen higher. I got Gizmo for $300, and Scooter for $250. I paid $500 for Tigger, but she is also considered a show cat, but I've never shown her. Another thing: we got Gizmo and Scooter when they were approx. 7 weeks old. Tigger was 14 weeks old.

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Thank you so much for answering my question.At the moment there is no chance I might get such a wonderful cat, my family keeps telling me that 2 cats in the house are more than sufficient and when I consider the litter box which is my domain I might even agree.bending down to dig for cats´gold as we call it teasingly is difficult for me presently as a joint is giving me considerable pain.So I´ll have to be content just looking at the pictures I find in the net
Best wishes and enjoy the cats Elisabeth Provos-Killing
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I recently purchased an ocicat and a mainecoon, both from the same
breeder. She is a wonderful breeder who really takes care of her kittens. if your interested , you could email me for her info.
My ocicat is absoluted gorgeous and very freindly and playful, until I got the mainecoon, she did seem alittle lonely, now with having her new freind, she seems so much much more content...
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Im happy as can be with my little bengal girl. Ive had her for about two weeks now and shes an absolute riot. Shes 12 weeks (today) so naturally has tons of energy. But after playing for a while, she loves to climb into my lap or onto my shoulder, curl up, and purr herself to sleep.

She doesnt actively seek out water to play in, but she seemed to rather enjoy her first bath. I filled the tub with about 4" of water and she just waded around without any complaints.

Shes quite vocal also, and loves to have conversations (sometimes for as long as 30 or 40 minutes).

She definitely has lots of personality. Her latest antics include chasing the mouse pointer on the computer screen relentlessly, and stealing any and all items from my desk that she is physically capable of carrying, and stashing them under my bed (its amazing the things a 3 pound kitten can manage to drag off).

I definitely dont think you would be disappointed with a bengal baby.

Heres a few links to some pics of my furbaby:

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She is cute! What is her name?
Bengals sure are a handle, aren't they! You watch.. you won't be able to resist getting another one! :LOL:
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Her name is 'shiraz'. I wanted something unique, and it seemed to fit the bill. I'm sure I will end up getting another one eventually. I can only imagine the antics two bengal kittees would manage to get into!
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Well, we have 3 & the 2 boys are always getting into something or knocking stuff over :LOL: I love them I love our other 2 cats just as much.
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I have a part Ociact, he such a wild boy especaily at night time. He is soo active and a very playful kitty. Toby enjoys water and he drinks out of a tap. I don't know any Bengals but I would recommend getting a Bengals, they have the greatest personality. Very laid-back breeds. I volunteer at the shelter and did see a few bengals come through the shelter and they are really nice breeds.
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Both breeds are intelligent and striking - the Ocicat has the personality of an Aby and the activity level, seeing as that was one of the breeds that created it. Bengals have come a long way from the times when a judge could not handle them in the show ring - just make sure if you choose a Bengal to go to a reputable breeder and see the pedigree before you buy - you want a fifth generation cat so you can be certain that the cat is truly domesticated and not an F-1 or F-2, which is illegal in many states.
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