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Please help Ruptured Liver Prognosis

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Hi everyone

I have a 3 year old siamese called "rafter" my boy!!. We think he was hit by a car? we don't know about 3 weeks ago - when the vet operated 2 weeks ago they found he had a ruptured liver!! It has been touch and go but he is now on a special diet - unfortunately he has become aneamic and this week his blood count has started to go down and after some specialist haematology tests I have been informed by the vet today that he is not producing any "new blood" I have 2 questions which I hope someone could help me with
1) What is the longterm prognosis for this?
2) Apart from the special prescription diet what else can we do to reduce the work load on the liver to aid regeneration?

I am sure I don't have to tell you all how much this little boy means to me and how devastating it is going through each hour with him not knowing what is going to happen to him or how much he is hurting. I would appreciate ANY light at the light of this tunnel.
Thank you very much
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I would suggest you buy Dr. Pitcairn's Book Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats and look on pages 367-369 He has some very helpful suggestions. I had a cat that also got hit by a car and developed some bad problems as a result of it. I hoped there would be a light at the end of the tunnel for Tazzy, but the light turned out to be a speeding train heading right for her. After months of unsuccessful battles against what ailed her, we opted to put her down.

I hope your cat recovers, and again I strongly recommend the book.
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Thank you very much Hissy for taking the time to reply. I am very sorry about Tazzy. I will certainly get hold of a copy of that book I am off to Amazon right now!! Thank you Victoria
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I`m sorry that I don`t have any advise to offer...but I will pray for Rafter .
I`m sorry he ...and you...are having such a hard time.
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Thank you so much Linda
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