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Charlie has always loved the bathtub... he loves to get in and lick up the leftover water after someone has had a shower. He also loves to sit between the 2 shower curtains while the shower is running, luckily he hasn't fallen in yet!! The first time I took a bublebath facinated him... he couldn't figure out what this "stuff" was, so he decided to lick it!! Boy was that funny (he got the same look on his face that he gets when he licks salt&vinegar potato chips)!!!!!

Lately he has become facinated by running water . As soon as you turn on the tap (either in the tub or the sink) he comes tearing into the bathroom like a madman, up on the edge of the tub or sink and stares intently at the water. He has also rescently discovered that he can drink out of the running faucet, unfortunately he ends up REALLY wet (which is NOT GOOD in his opinion).

Ahhhhh... the fun of a 6 month old!!
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mine has had this fascination since I first got her. she insists on coming in and sitting in the bathtub while i'm at the toilet doing my business, then once the toilet flushes she darts out into the apartment - only reason I figure she does this is because the bathtub is where I put the box I brought her home in and let her out - its her safety spot I guess - i'm not sure, just need to search around for some other stuff I need to correct in her behavior
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me too all three of mine!
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Yup Zoey thinks it isa playpen ...
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I have sliding doors on my shower and when i get out of the shower, yasmine opens the door and starts licking the walls...
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Sandy has recently taken to hanging out in the bathroom sink. I also came home to find (thankfully the end of) a roll of toilet paper on top the litter box
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Originally Posted by sandysmom
I also came home to find (thankfully the end of) a roll of toilet paper on top the litter box
Well, at least he knows what it's for!

I currently have a clawfoot tub and a stand-up shower, but at our old place we had a normal tub with shower. When Max was a baby, he'd sit in the end of the tub and watch while I showered. When he got older, he just sat on the edge between the two curtains. He would bat at droplets of water travelling down the clear curtain. Milo would just sit on the bathroom rug until I finished.

Now they congregate outside the standup shower and wait for me to finish, so they can go in and inspect the wet stall. When I take a bath, Max will come in and say hi for a few minutes, then he'll saunter off to do his own thing. I think this is because he fell in a few months ago. Max and Milo both enjoy walking around the rim of the tub, which is very rounded. Max's back legs slid and he landed in the bath with me, froze for about a minute giving me a look of terror and surprise, then ran off and hid under the bed all night. Milo still does laps around the rim of the tub while I bathe, mewing and asking for pets.
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My big cats don't pay much atention to the tub but my kittens love it. They do the "you can't see me thing" behind the transparent shower curtain and attack each other and anyone else who happens to come in. They sit on the side of the tub when I am taking a bath and dangle tails and paws in the water. They jump in the shower when the water is on. They are the silliest kitties. We have to make sure the toilet is closed at all times because Jack has been found sitting in the toilet bowl playing in the water. Gretchen is also a big fan of the bathroom sink. She must sit there every morning and help her daddy shave and get ready for work. I have 6 cats, but this is the first time I have had 2 kittens at once......and it is the most amount of fun!
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Alex loves the tub. He hops in their and meows really loud as if to say 'Look at me!'. He loves to get petted while in the tub too. Then he'll start rolling around. I'm glad other peoples cats do this too. I was starting to think he was a little weird.
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Oh yes, several of our kitties love to play in the tub. And they ALL have to be in the bathroom while I'm showering. The silliest, though is Whitey (Sweet Baboo) who, while I am showering, jumps down into the tub but sits between the shower curtain liner and the "wall" of the bathtub so that only his feet, butt and tail get wet.
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chloe loves to roll in the tub and across the toilet and on the tiled floors...
her fave time to do it is right before i get in, but when i turn the shower on she gets offended and runs. she comes back and knocks all the bottles off the edge of the tub until i reach out to pet her. she also likes to spat razors around in the tub
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