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Floating Kidney

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Does any one know exactly what that is?
A friend of mine has a cat with a floating kidney. Vet rekons it shouldnt cause too much of a problem.
Cannt seem to find any info on this condition. Can any one help?
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I do remember seeing something online about that ... try goolgle.com and then input floating kidney
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It's also called Nephroptosis.

From www.med.mun.ca:

Since the kidney is in part anchored by its vessels, any rotation which occurs tends to happen as rotation around the vessels. In floating kidney the blood supply to the kidney can be cut off by the rotation and constriction of the vessels.
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I have since adopted this fella. My vet reckons he is very healthy although slightly under weight. He is also a little stressed with the introductions. Poor thing, he is so friendly, playful and gentle but Eva hates him with a vengence.
We are doing all the usual things, scent swapping, feliway diffusers etc. We have also set up a pen and are feeding him in there and trying to encourage Eva to eat in the same room with a view to moving the food bowls closer and closer. Its very slow going but if thats the way it has to be then thats just the way it will be.
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Have now consulted a behaviourist and introduction are being re-started and a new routine is going to be put in place.
Firstly we have to gain more of Evas trust and keep Bernie and Eva separate with no eye contact. In the evenings we have to remove Bernie from his room with out Eva seeing him, and open up the rest of the house for him to explore. After secretly placing treats in Bernies bed etc, we will place Eva in there to find the treats. Once all is well and cats, especially Eva, are calm and relaxed about this routine we will move to the next stage.
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