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New playmate for Sleeves?

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Hi all

Sleeves is coming up for 6 months and is going to be neutered next week. He's been with us since he was 6 weeks old and is the most playfull, affectionate cat Ive ever known. We live in a farely small flat with 2 bedrooms and lots of toys for him to play with and places to explore. I am 100% certain when I say he's a very happy cat.
However, I work full time and Mark is in his 4th year of accountancy and his workload is getting bigger by the day. Next year when he graduates we are going to be moving to wherever he gets a job and we are going to buy a house. I definately wanted to get another kitten for Sleeves to play with once we move because it would break my heart Sleeves being by himself all day, and there would be more space for them to run around.
However, as we are out more and more at the minute, Mark has got the idea of getting a kitten for Sleeves at christmas time...
I dismissed the idea to begin with, thinking it wouldnt work in a flat, however after reading several posts on here Im kind of coming round to the idea.
My main concerns are Sleeves feeling that he is being replaced because he owns this place. Everybody loves him and he struts his stuff round here like he's the man. I wouldnt want him to feel threatened. I just feel he may be bored sometimes and this might help him.
But it may just be a disaster and totally mess my baby up!
what does everyone think? bit of turmoil here...
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I was in the same dilemma a couple months ago. I got my kitten meowser (the love of my life) at a time when I wasn't very busy, but then I started school full-time and working part-time and I felt that he was spending too much time alone. So after hurricane katrina, I decided to go get a displaced hurricane kitten. I live in a one-bedroom apartment so the new kitty managed to get out of isolation (big mistake, definitely isolate your kitty for 1-2 weeks). Meowser hissed at him for about 3 days and then they got along great. For the first couple days, meowser was upset and a little depressed due to the new addition, but now they chase each other around the apartment and entertain each other. Sometimes I'm jealous because meowser doesn't need me as much anymore! Anyways, if you're living in a 2 bedroom, I think that is more than enough space (my apartment is only about 700 square feet) and the kitties will really entertain and keep each other company. The sooner you get the new kitty, the better!
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Bella really benefitted from having a playmate. I wouldn't recommend getting a kitten, though. Try to find a cat who is close to your resident cat's age, so they will play together. Kittens have a lot of energy, and can really upset an older, less active cat.
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Sleeves is only 6 months though and extremely active. I thought a younger kitten would have been better so he still felt like 'the boss'?
Meowsersmom how old was your first cat when you got a new one and how old was the new one?
Thats so nice that you rescued one, I think we would do that this time if we don't know of anyone having kittens.
Seems like a good idea then... Im getting kind of excited about the idea
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Trust me you'll get double the joy by having two and with being so young i know Sleeves will love a playmate Just make sure you give sleeves plenty of attention to show he's still loved and wanted
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Meowser was 5-6 months old and munch (new kitty) was about 4 months. The humane society told me to pick a younger kitty that wasn't sexually mature yet so that it would be less threatening. But I didn't want a tiny kitten, I wanted one closer to Meowser's size. Meowser has grown out of alot of his kitten-craziness, whereas munch is still pretty crazy/playful. They play together alot and when meowser has had enough, munch runs off and plays with q-tips or milk gallon rings by himself. If you do get a rescue kitten, make sure you isolate it. Apparently uris run rampant through shelters. Munch didn't show symptoms for the first three days I had him so I thought it was ok to let the cats play together. Big mistake, munch got really sick and infected meowser and I ended up with 2 sick kitties. It was a huge mess, but worth it, my kitties are very happy together.
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Oh they sound so happy. What is Uris? We called a shelter last night and they said they rarely have small kittens, its usually older cats. That was only one we tried though.
We had a long talk about it last night and I think we are definately going to do it! I think Sleeves will love it. Mark was studying last night and I had gone to bed (have been ill this week and have no energy) and Sleeves wanted to play, we couldn't so that just made my mind up!
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We adopted a second kitten as a playmate for Toby last spring. (Both were aprox 6 mo. old) for basically the same reason.....I spend A LOT of time, spring til fall, out in my yard...and we knew that Toby would be lonely.
My only regret is that we did`nt get Tedy sooner!
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Uris are upper respiratory infections. They are a nightmare and very contagious, my poor kitties are still sneezing. Even if the new kitten looks healthy, it can still be harboring a uri. It shouldn't be too big a deal if sleeves has had all three FVRCP shots, but the vaccinations aren't 100% effective so still isolate.
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