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Daily Thread for Monday

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This morning I had two wonderful surprises! My girlfriend gave birth this morning to a baby boy. 8 pds. 7 ozs! Mother and baby are doing fine. Then as I was trying to decide whether or not to study for finals or keep picking up limbs and debris (as we are going to get quite a rainstorm later today) I looked out, and my good neighbor was out in the pasture hard at work picking up limbs for us! I went out there and told him he did not need to do this, that I would be doing it as soon as my last final was behind me, but he insisted so now I can study and not worry about the limbs for at least a little while. Here's to the best neighbors a person could have!
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I was hoping that my tax return would be in my checking account today but no such luck. Hopefully by the end of the week. I'm about to call the Humane Society to set up an appointment for my dog Sam to get neutered. My vet was going to charge me $112 dollars plus another $16 for antiobiotics (I have never heard of dispensing antibiotics after a spay/neuter). I called another vet in the area to see if I was getting gouged and their price was $109. The Humane Society does it for $20 dollars no matter what your situation. I just don't understand why vets charge an arm and a leg for these surgeries that are so important in preventing feline and canine overpopulation. I have a feeling that if they made it more reasonable the overpopulation might not be as bad. Bless those vets who volunteer at these places at no/low cost.

I work on the 14th floor and with the windows that we have all over the office I get be inside and view this beautiful day. Either today or tomorrow I get to start stuffing invoices, there are so many that it takes me a day and a half so I might be a little sparse for a day or two.
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That is great news Hissy! There are definately angels among us! I am having an ok day at work - Monday's are always the worst. I may not be on the site much as of Wed ot Thurs as I am coaching someone who has just returned from a leave of absence. I will try to get my TCS fix before she gets in every morning.

I've got to go to Costco & Petsmart tonight. I better not look at the kittens for adoption at Petsmart or I'll want one - I have been craving a new one lately & the hubby says definately not!
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Sfell, the gov't only deposits on Fridays. So if it isn't there now, no need to check again till next Friday ( I worked at a bank for a long time, and most people don't know that direct deposit IRS checks are only on Fridays ).

Soooooooooo, its almost 7pm here now and my day has flown by. Kids kept me busy, my mom came to visit, and I did some errands that I needed to get done. My kids just took a bath, and are settling down for the night. I love bedtime for them, it gives me some time to myself so I can relax a bit.

My daughter has exzema on her arms in the spring/ summer time and its already kicking up and its only March! I noticed it over the weekend, and now its really red. I feel so bad for her cause I know its itchy, but there is nothing I can do except keep her creamed up. Very frustrating for me.

Hope everyone's Monday went well. The week has begun!!!!!!!!!!!
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hope everyone has a wonderful week.

i'll be in & out, the muse is visiting me right now and i cant let her down
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The apartment complex turned off our water so we've been out all day. There's been a problem with hot water in this building, but it hasn't affected me, at least not until today when in theory it is fixed. So now I have to call management and complain again.

Right now I'm watching Monty Python. John Cleese is interviewing, I think it's Graham Chapman. He's ringing a little bell and generally messing with his mind. Some of their stuff is really stupid or completely topical to 1970's Britain, but some of the skits are still hilarious.

Jim came over tonight to see our daughter. I suppose it's good for them. It's still hard for me.

Congratulations to your neighbor, Hissy, how wonderful for them!

And good thoughts to you, blue, as you follow your muse. Are all muses female? I figured all those old time artists were men so of course they had female muses. Men tend to call anything female that they don't entirely understand and can't completely control (like nature, boats, and the moon). I just kind of assumed women had male muses, but maybe not.
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