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So proud of my son!

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Accidently posted this in fur pics... lmao... I get TOO excited sometimes!

My 8 yr old has been BEGGING me to let him walk home from school.. It's about 2 blocks away and not on any main streets.. Well today I decided I would let him. I told him this morning that if he wanted to I would let him walk home by himself.. I sat here and literally bit all my nails off come 2:40. I know it takes about 10-15 mins (for a lil kid) to walk it. I decided if he wasn't home by 3:05 I would go looking for him.. Well, I peeked down the street and there he was!.. Im so proud of him. He ended up walking with a neighbor kid and his mom! Said he wasn't scared and he knew the way. He also told me that he wanted to walk with them or by himself from now on!... Wow.... My BABY is getting SO big!
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Awww yay! I bet you were pretty nervous! I would be too letting my 8 year old walk home. And yay to you for being a trusting mom
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Well he's been asking for more responsibility lately and I have given it to him little by little. I talked to the neighbor before she left about him walking with her (I didnt let him know that shhhh). But he feels like a million bucks now!
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Thats so sweet, how wonderful for him, and for you too for letting him!!
Your little boy is growing up (and he is so cute!! )
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