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my cat is 14 years old an indoor cat she has recentley started staggering on her legs and seems to be leaning to the left she is often falling over
she is eating and doesent seem in any pain and will even play the vet has given her antibiotics but there doesent seem to be any improvement
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Did the vet say anything about a stroke, dementia or pressure on the brain? It may just be a symtom of old age, but I would want a second opinion.
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he did mention stroke and i have to take her back on friday for more tests
but its the fact that she seems to be getting worse each day thats worrying me she also keeps shaking her head which in turn makes her fall over im just hoping it may be a simple ear infection .she is also being treated for an eye infection which has almost cleared so could all be connected . i know i wont know until all check have been done
but it all started so sudden its a huge shock
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it could actullay be an ear infection, it throws off their equalibrium (sp?) Sibohan had a bad case of Ear Mites when I rescued her which threw her off a bit. I know it may be hard but you did say she was 14... perhaps her age is catching up with her. I am hoping it's somthing treatable and that she'll be living to the ripe old age of 18 like a cat I know.
Best of luck and my thoughts and prayers are with you
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I hope its an ear infection! That would be awful if its something worse... It does kind of sound like she suffered from a stroke and a brain tumor can effect the neurological system (but I hope its not that!). My kittens are being treated for an ear infection right now. When my kitten started having seizures (at first I didn't really know it was a seizure because it just seemed to be a lot of falling over and being uncoordinated for a couple minutes), I asked if it was related to the ear infection but the vet said if it was then it would be a constant equilibrium problems. Kind of like what you are describing. We can only hope its that simple!
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finally found this site again had lots of tests and been to 2nd vet for another opinion probable diagnosid is a tumour called meningloma common in elderly cats but wont know for sure without a mri scan could also be a stroke. scan costs 1000 and then would involve extensive surgery which im not sure i want to put my little pal through .she is in no pain still eating and using litter tray also seems to be falling less as if she is getting used to it but is still walking to the left .she is spending a lot of time sleeping in her basket .if its a stroke she may not get any worse and may improve if it is a tumour then she will eventually decline so just taking one day at a time at the moment
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Oh I`m so sorry. I hope that if it was a stroke that she wil eventually readjust. It must be as hard for you as it is for her.
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