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Thanks to all for their info / input on Manx

Little Lexi cat looks like a rectangle
with legs and head and 2 inch tail, and a funny
slinky bouncy sort of gait, LOL!!

I understand that some refer to Manx as
"boxcar" shaped!! Now I know why.

She's not over weight, she's not preggers (YAYY)
she's just... growing into a Manx shape, LOL!!

She's also just discovered the joy of mice,
voles, and shrews...

(Lexi says: oooh those mice, they
climb UP brick walls!! Now how I'm I supposed
to catch them??? )

anyway, this gal sure is funny. Never had a cat
like this shape before. (Fat round ones yes,
long slinky yes, big bulky yes, but rectangle
shaped ???!)

Now, if only she'd learn to not bite when
I pick her up to take inside (she's what
dog people call "hard headed"...)