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Hi everyone!

In my introduction, I told you about Spike, my 16 year old cat who is very ill with fibrosarcoma. I had quite an eventful weekend with him. Friday night, I came home and found him basically prostrate, and looking very close to death. He was cold, and very, very weak. I hugged him and gave him lots of laptime, expecting him to die overnight. He somehow rallied, though, and survived the night, and is still kicking. He has not eaten anything substantial in almost a week now, (despite my constant efforts--I am afraid I am pissing him off!), he only licks at the juice from tuna cans, and I can get him to drink milk. That is basically it. I did manage to get him to eat some Nutrical, but only when I shoved it in his mouth. He HATED me for it. He is SO weak, but I think that is not only from not eating, his tumor is impinging on the nerves in his hind end (and I suspect, his guts, which is making, uh, things difficult). I have had him on IV fluids, and that seems to keep him peppy and comfortable, (and also makes him pee like a racehorse)!
I had a date Sat night, and after dinner we went back to my house, and my date, Doug, left his leather coat on the floor, which Spike made a beeline for and laid on. I warned Doug that Spike was SEVERELY malodorous (pee-you) but he let him sleep there anyway. He left his coat, despite the cold rain, and just took his keys. He didn't want to disturb the cat. What a guy. I think I'll keep him. :tounge2:
Eventurally, Doug did need is coat, so I gave Spike my winter coat, which he has not left since. He is currently looking very comfortable, and is shedding lots of hair and horrid body odors all over it.
AH, thanks for letting me vent a little, I guess I needed to talk about it some. This is a difficult thing, watching someone you love fade out! I feel good about things, though, and have no regrets about what I have done and/or not done for him.
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Goodness, poor Spike. Sounds like he's having a really rough time. It would be hard to watch your pet go so far downhill, but it sounds like you're doing everything you can to keep him comfortable and well loved.
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I am sorry he is doing so poorly. I hope that you can stay strong for him. Don't worry about venting here - that is what we are here for.
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Awwww... Give both Spike and Doug a kiss for me.
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I am so sorry you have to see your kitty suffering. But it sounds like you sure are a devoted mommy, and are doing everything you can for him. And what a guy you got yourself!! He's definitly a keeper it sounds like!!!

Keep us posted on your kitty, and vent all you want here. Thats why we are here!!
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Mermaid......your post just broke my heart!!!!

I kept imagining Merlin in the same circumstances.... this must be so hard for you, to watch him slowly get weaker and die. I am so very sorry. But try to remember, although it is hard, I know,( because I would feel the same way as you do) that Spike has had a very long and happy love filled life, longer than most cats ever dream of, and it is all because of you. YOU are the one who made sure Spike had a long happy life, and he loves you very much.

I beleive very strongly that our beloved pets will be waiting to greet us someday in heaven.
I know others disagree about cats being in heaven and having souls, etc.... and no, I don't think they have souls, like we do,but souls or no souls, these animals that we have loved so fiercely, and so protectively, are part of what makes us happy. That makes us, US!!!

And no loving God, would ever shut that light out of our lives completely. God is our father after all, and fathers love their children, so what father wouldn't want his child to be reunited with their pet they loved so much, some day in heaven.

I feel your pain, and I am here if you want to PM me or even if you want my phone number to call me and talk about it.

I feel so strongly about this, because everytime I look at Merlin, I think what will happen to me if something happens to him, I love him so much.

We are all here for you. Please feel free to vent any time you want!!!!!!!!!!
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Also, I forgot to add....Doug sounds like a wonderful caring man!!!!!
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With a great name!

My hubby's name is Doug.
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Aww.. Poor Spike Kitty I'll be sure to keep him in my prayers, Doug is such a Trooper!
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Wow, I am so glad I found this site, you guys are amazingly supportive. It is SO much appreciated, your kind words and thoughts and all, because it is, indeed, a rough time. I have never lost a pet before, if you can believe that, at least, not my very own. Spike taught me how to really love, and that is a true gift. I believe that somehow, some way, we will always be together, our bond is too strong for anything else to ever happen.
He still remains weak and not eating, and slips a little more every day. Tonight may be "it" for him, but I have come to terms with it, As much as it hurts, I am happy for the way things in his life have gone, and I am incredibly grateful to have known him, and to have shared a part of my life with him.
Thank you, you guys, for the amazing words.
And, yes, I agree, Doug may just be a keeper!
He calls a lot to get a Spike update, and he sounds almost as sad as me about him. What a guy.
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Oh, and Debby, way before I found his tumor, I spent a lot of time thinking about how horrible it would be to lose Spike, and it all seemed too sad and unfathomable to bear. So I know exactly what you mean! It hurt a LOT when I found out that he had such an aggressive type of cancer. But somehow, I have dealt with it in my own way, and this is not about me, after all, it is about him.
But you already know that. Hugs and scritchies to Merlin.
In fact, will all of you that are reading this do me a big favor for Spike? Everyone hug their cat today.
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I am so sorry to hear about poor Spike. It sounds like you have accepted the fact that he isn't going to be with you much longer. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I pray that you will stay strong and someday you will see Spike again. Doug is such as sweet guy to let Spike lay on his jacket. I would say that he is definitely a keeper...thats so nice that he calls all the time to check up on him. If you need anything, just let us know and I'm sure that we will do all we can to help you.
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I know what you mean about "being taught what love really is". Besides your parents and the very few close individuals that are in ones life kitties give that unconditional kind of love that is hard to find in humans. Spike sounds really special and I know how heart broken you must be - just thinking about him brings tears to my eyes. Cherish him as long as you can I know he already
captured a special place in your heart.

Oh and Doug - KEEP HIM!!!!!!!
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It is early on Wednesday morning and as I read your post, I thought what a lucky kitty that Spike is to have you as a kitty mom! You are letting him go with dignity and love and that is a wonderful thing.
May God bless you both in this difficult time.
Deb M.
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I really feel for you and Spike. I don't know what it is about cats, but they wiggle their way into our hearts in a way nothing else can. I grew up with dogs, and loved them very much but nothing like how much I love my two babies now.

Spike is a very lucky baby to have a mommy like you, and we all feel your pain. (It took me three times to read this thread so I wouldn't start crying at work!) Everyone needs to vent sometimes and this is a great supportive place to do it.

Extra loves to you, Spike and Doug (What a great guy! )
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Thanks, your words continue to make things, well, not easier, but a little nicer.
I am watching him very closely, and want to be absolutely certain that he is not suffering. Every day, I expect to lose him, but Spike is still here, and was actually a little perkier this morning? Strange, but true. (especially because he has not eaten anything substantial in about 2 weeks now!) He was scratching at the door to get out this morning, so I let him out, and he wobbled all the way down to the river and drank from it, then sat and watched the geese. I SOBBED. I was happy that he got out to look around, he loves the river. sigh. He didn't really notice me standing at the top of the bank watching him, then after about 15 minutes, I went down to get him and he looked up at me and croaked his croaky meow, like he was thrilled to see me. How am I going to live without him? Ah, I am glad he is happy and is able to be home and warm and comfortable. That is all I ask, really. I carried him all the way up, and put him in his extremely malodorous bed, and he purred and laid down and went to sleep. What a good boy. I am SO grateful that he is comfortable, and he seems to be normal upstairs, and not all goofy in the brain.
Sorry if I made anyone cry again! I just reread this and it is a little, well, poignant. I really do appreciate the forum, though, it helps a great deal to know that there are like-minded folks who understand.
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That is wonderful he was able to go out a bit and enjoy the world! I am sure he is happy that he had such a wonderful life here on earth with you Mermaid!
He is in our thoughts and prayers, you know miracles do happen sometimes!!
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